Poetry Continued Page 6


Can you not see me?
Sharing your thoughts
Watching your dreams
Always here with you

Can you not hear me?
Singing silly songs
Crying when you cry
Laughing when you laugh

Can you not feel me?
Touching your inner soul
Feeling your pain
Embracing your joys

Do you not know me?
Life long memories
Constant companion
Privy to your deepest secrets

Have you abandoned me?
Spark of life gone dark
The thrill of living a distant memory
Stranger to yourself

Who am I you may wonder?
Lost in the darkness
Waiting to return
Just beyond your reach

I am the soft kiss whilst you sleep
I am the beat of your heart
I am the eternal youth
I am the child within you

Musings on Life

Spirit wanders the path of life
Seeking shelter from the storm
The din of voices ever so near
Human travails such a sad song

The sun shines but there is no warmth
The moon glows but there is no light
Mankind seeking the chalice of truth
Bitter is the mead we make

Each one trying to shape the wind
At times calm
Other times violent
But always on the move

We mouth the words
But there is no sound
Intent is lost
Darkness prevails

Students all
Yet masters prevail
Blind leading the blind
Questions left unanswered

Our hearts contain the light
But we choose to walk in darkness
From chaos to chaos
Will we ever learn?

Spirit wails
The trials end
Body is laid to rest

Sacred Mother sighs
The child returns home
The nightmare is over my love
Awaken to peace and serenity

A Mighty Wind Stirs

A mighty wind stirs
An acorn falls
Mother Earth embraces
The cycle begins

A sapling springs forth
So fresh and green
Joys of life
Wonders awaiting

Strong and resilient
A purpose to serve
Birds singing in the boughs
Youthful energy

The sapling matures
Overlooking the forest
Mighty and tall
Within its prime

The seeds of life to be
Sprouting along the fringes
Mystery of the ages
Spirit abounds

Overcast sky
A storm erupts
A fiery dance
A parting of the ways

Gnarled and gray
Old oak sighs
Winds of time
Years gone by

Questions rise
Has purpose been served?
Have goals been reached?
Is the passing of life but a new beginning?

Another acorn falls from the sky
Mother Earth reaches out
Another sapling rises
Mysteries begin anew

A Yuletide Walk

As I walk through a lonely stretch of woods
In search of solitude with just my thoughts
I realize that I am not alone
For the presence of Spirit is all about

I listen as a tiny creek goes burbling by
A joyful sound unnoticed by the world at large
And yet a ribbon of life to so many
Hidden and yet in plain view

I watch as a hawk circles above
A lonely existence
And yet a worldly view
As one with the gentle Sylphs of the sky

I stop and marvel at a drop of dew
Frozen and suspended in time
A reminder that life is so fleeting
A memory waiting to be had

The brisk morning wind making an appearance
A solitary leaf being carried along
By the forces of the moment
Life at its most basic reality

I touch the bark of a mighty oak tree
Toppled by forces greater then itself
But then such power is always at play
Humanity but a pawn in the great scheme of things

I stop and take a deep breath
Grateful for the realization of Spirit
For humble are those who see the way
They are the seed of what is to be

The Yuletide Sun rising from the mists
A warm welcome on a winter morning
A sign of hope on the horizon
A new life that has begun

A flicker of light between the leaves

A flicker of light between the leaves
A dragonfly wing
Flickering here and there
Or the sigh as an old Oak breathes

As I walk a rustling sound
The floating of a leaf
A bent over stalk
Are there faeries all around

Suddenly I see a flash of light
A mist of a figure
Riding on the breeze
A wand so fiery a crown so bright

My senses reeling
The cloak of chaos wrapped all about
Time and matter are no more
I find myself suddenly kneeling

Questions shoot forth like a speeding arrow
Ancient wonders do abound
Of the fae I have often sought
But alas she leaps on the wings of a sparrow

Depart she does, a whisper in my mind
Like the touch of a feather
The words become clear
Rest assured my friend, we are among your kind

And so much to my relief
There is but one question to ask
Beware my friend for they are listening
And the question is are you of the belief?

A Sad Tale

The dragonflies are upset with the damselflies
They both use the water of the pond, but neither wants to share
And then there is the clamor of the frogs
Who think they own it all

Then the groundhogs are furious with the Opossums
Such ugly creatures say the groundhogs of those possums
All slow and such that they are
Surely they will tarnish the reputation of the woods

And the gray squirrels are taunting the red squirrels
You are not the same color as us
Hence you do not belong here
Therefore you must go

Alas it is the same with the foxes
Red fox glowers at the gray fox
Go to the areas that we don't want
Go and live apart from us

Listen as the bats and the owls argue
We fly at night say the bats
But so do we chime in the owls
But we are two and only one can be superior in the night

Up the wooded path, the cardinals and the wrens are at it
We sing the most beautiful song say the cardinals
Therefore our song should be the only one
All other songs should be gone

Then there is the cursing of the spiders
The flies say we should not eat them
But ours is the only right way
So ignore the pleas of the flies

But as we all know this tale is false
But wait, wait a moment
Perhaps it's true after all
Maybe we are referring to the wrong species?

A Summer Rain

One day I was walking along a woodland trail
Suddenly it began to gently rain
Old witch that I am
I gave thanks with a grateful smile

But then I sensed something different
This was not a normal summer rain
It had such a strange feel to it
As a witch I could detect that something was amiss

I could sense feelings of joy and sorrow
It was as if I were not alone
Thousands of thoughts streaming all about
I was standing in a sea of emotions

My head began to spin
My heart began to thump
What was this unusual rain
I started to swirl all about

Suddenly I realized what was going on
This gentle rain was the tears of those who had passed
Those who had passed peacefully
Those who had passed violently

Each drop of rain containing a thought
A spiritual deluge on that warm summer day
Droplets of energy from the past
An overwhelming sense of lost humanity

I began to feel a connection with the world that was
I began to think of those who went before me
Their challenges
Their goals

Eventually the rain came to a halt
Completely exhausted body and soul
I sat down on a bed of moss
Thoughts running through my head

When I pass, will my tears be added to the rain?
Will they be tears of joy or sorrow?
Will another witch stand in the rain?
Will those who have passed be back again?