Thoughts of the Dryads

As this old witch wanders into the environs of the deep forest, there is a feeling of having returned home. As I wander past a strand of mature oak trees, I can hear the sound of heartbeats resonating through the forest. Within the rough sided boughs, framed against the blue wintry sky, reside the Dryads who this brisk quiet morning are humming a tune from an ancient ode. Oh what a feeling of awe this brings, for such creatures are very shy and seldom acknowledge humans these days. I stand there for a long moment, swaying from side to side, lost in forgotten memories of the soul. For the soul is the gate keeper of such distant memories from times long past.
These ancient and wise teachers have inhabited Gaia for eons prior to the advent of humankind. And when the first humans began to arrive there was open communication between the spirits of the trees and those humans who were newly born into the ways of life on Gaia.
For a brief period of time, rather brief in the minds of the Dryads, but ever long in the memories of fragile humans, such children followed the ways of our Sacred Mother.
But then, along came the spoilers who brought with them a flaming match which burned with hatred and bigotry and which lit a forest fire of misconceptions and lies, around the unsuspecting earth.
Such a spiritually devastating fire caused many of Her children to leave the abode of their long held beliefs, scattering about like frightened deer fleeing before the hot flames of ignorance. With a deep sadness in her heart, she watched as her children turned their backs upon her love and wisdom, though our Sacred Mother never reacted in like kind. Instead she kept her heart open to all who would seek out her love. Keeping the mysteries of her ways open to those who remained willingly within her loving arms. She shed tears for those who were caught up in the flames of divisiveness whose only goal was that of control and self serving goals.
And included within this disownment were the many sage entities that held sway for ages prior to such an act of grievance by some members of humankind. And such entities, amongst them the Dryads have held in place, such memories of betrayal against our Sacred Mother to this very day.
There are many of her children who did not falter and betray her when the flames of hypocrisy swept over them. They stood steadfast in their beliefs to this very day, refusing to bend to the controlling whims of the hand of man. Instead, they kept their faith in the Sacred Mother and all of the entities that accompany her here on Gaia. And these folks who are scattered about Gaia have managed to maintain a special relationship with the Sacred Mother and her otherworldly children in spite of the determined efforts of the spoilers to sway them otherwise.
And now the children of the children who disdained her love are seeking to return to the ancient fold.
And with that, many thoughts begin to swirl about like a flock of starlings in search of a roost for the night.
Our Sacred Mother’s heart must still be heavy and her patience sorely tested by those who formerly denied her.
For some of those who are returning, bring with them an air of arrogance learned from their time in denial. Some of these returning children make claims that the old ways have been forgotten, though the only thing forgotten was their former love and respect for the Sacred Mother and her ways. The old ways have always been with us for their roots extend back before the advent of mankind and will continue past the eventual passing of mankind, a passing that will most likely be by humankind's own hand which still carries the flaming match of hatred and deception.
They use such false premises to re-create in their own image that which has always been. A vestige of learned behavior from their self imposed time in a state of denial.
By doing so, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to actually learn what has always been and what will always be. Many are the sage teachers from the other-worldly realms who see such foolish follies as a waste of their time and thus true knowledge and wisdom is withheld until such a time as when such arrogant attempts pass and a true desire for knowledge becomes the norm rather then the exception.
But the wise old Dryads see through such false attempts, thus remaining silent when such naive children are about within their habitat.
Some of these returning children claim to know what is in the heart of the Sacred Mother by virtue of their egos and thus their expose of ignorance. Yet they have long been deprived by their own actions, of the love and understanding of the ways of the Sacred Mother. They make false claims of wisdom and knowledge to impress others who are equally naive in order to hide the true emptiness within their own souls.
Many indeed are the wise teachers of the old ways, who hail from the ranks of humankind,  who walk silently about Gaia fully embracing her ways as they have always done. But those returning to the fold cast disrespect and disbelief before them as a shield to disguise the lack of their own wisdom and to trivialize their departure and thus uninformed return to the old ways. And so these teachers as well stay silent.
But the Dryads are not fooled by such follies of humankind. For they can see clearly and deeply into the hearts of humans.
Perhaps one day, those who are returning will begin to listen with their hearts rather then with empty words which echo with a lack of real understanding. Perhaps one day, they too will be able to hear the heartbeats of the Dryads and will quietly sway from foot to foot as the Dryads softly hum an ancient ode.