The Stream 

A Mind Meditation

Allow yourself to relax and slowly withdraw into your third eye. As you slowly withdraw, visualize yourself sitting on a rock at the edge of a quiet stream. It is an early summer morning and the soft tendrils of a gentle breeze, caresses your cheeks. You gently emerge your toes into the warm and soothing embrace of the stream.

Next visualize yourself quietly entering into the stream. The warm waters moving slowly up your body as you encounter the watery womb of Mother Earth. Finally visualize yourself as completely emerged below the silvery surface of the stream. There is no fear, for you are changing over from your physical body to become one with the stream. Feel the change as you go from physical self to that of a calm body of water. Rejoice in this experience.

Next visualize yourself as being the stream. You find yourself slowly moving along, fluid and free, taking in the sights and sounds of the world around you. Feel the movement of tiny fish as they swim to and fro within your watery form. Feel the tickle of a bubble of air as it escapes from the bedrock beneath you. Feel the cascade of motion as you gently glide over a bed of shiny, round pebbles. Feel the swirls of motion as a frog gaily leaps into your void. Hear the splash as an acorn from an overhanging tree drops into your form.

As you meander slowly along, you notice a large fallen tree ahead that is blocking your path. You continue along with the knowledge that no barrier can stop your progress. You know deep within your soul that can find a solution and continue on. Life is a series of problems and solutions.

As you near the fallen tree you swirl around and through the barren branches of the tree. You smile with confidence, knowing that you are capable of meeting life’s challenges head on. You slowly move on with a renewed sense of purpose.

As you move on downstream you send out tiny wavelets of joy. You can feel the bright rays of Father Sun as they caress your fluid form. The knowledge of this love brings forth feelings of happiness. For you know that you are loved and accepted for who you are.

Flowing gaily downstream, you notice the damsel flies careening here and there. Pairs intently engaged in an aerial ballet, solemnly touching your surface before darting once again into the air. Mated pairs doing intricate acrobatics as you silently witness such wonders.

Against this backdrop you hear the chorus of cicadas announcing their presence. A teeming, vibrant song, first loudly and then more softly. As they weave their presence into your awareness. For all of life is interwoven.

As you glide along, freedom in your existence, you take notice of a graceful and timid deer. She has come to your edge to take a drink. For water is the life sustaining element. It is the strand of knowledge that connects all of life, regardless of who or what. It is Mother Earth’s way of reminding us that we are all connected as one.

As you move along downstream you encounter a patch of reeds along your watery edge. You listen as the ever silent wind passes through these reeds, creating a rustling sound akin to a voice. Listen intently for Mother Earth may be giving you a message. Open your heart and allow this message to enter your spirit.

Contemplate on this message and then continue to move along.

As you flow along you encounter a large boulder off to one side. It is here that you flow to form a still pool of water. Slowly feel you emerging from the stream, returning once again to human form.

As you emerge feel the gentle breeze once again caressing your face as you find yourself back at the same rock that you started from. Give thanks to Mother Earth.

Go forth with the lessons learned and continue on.

For lessons learned are the steps that we use to continue our travel along the path of life.