The Lonely Walk

As I wander the paths of life I find myself in a strange land called humanity. Folks here speak in a tongue I no longer understand. The sensible and accepted ways of my youth have been exchanged for ways that are now foreign to me.
The land that I once walked with a sense of comfort and safety is now beset with horrible dangers and hidden perils.
Oh what have we done to ourselves?
Where one once could dance so freely with the dryads there is now a mockery of freedom in the form of concrete and bricks.
Ever so slowly these old friends are fading away, a reality of life giving way to the artificial ways of a world gone awry.
The inhabitants of this strange world have become barren islands unto themselves. No longer do neighbors embrace each other with joy and salutation. Instead they huddle in fear of who may be lurking next door.
In the land I once knew, brothers and sisters walked about in reverence of the land. Hopes and dreams were like a brilliant rainbow etched across the sky where there are now naught but dark storm clouds and flashes of lightning.
Simple pursuits which were a natural element of the spirit have been replaced by un-natural wants and desires.
And yet in the end only the spirit will pass into the loving arms of our sacred mother. All of the useless clutter that such folks gather about them, will be left behind.
Where wildflowers once grew in a multitude of brilliant colors are now ribbons of asphalt stretching to the distant horizon. The inhabitants of this strange world seem determined to cover her beauty with the ugliness of their artificial handiwork.
Where the love for Gaia once flowed like a fathomless ocean, such love has now turned to disdain by those who need her the most.
And so I walk about in a state of loneliness and a desire for a semblance of sanity in a world that is determined to run amok.
Having to breathe in air, that is laden with manmade poisons, drinking water that is no longer pure, fasting on food that is no longer natural, treading ground that is spoiled by the discards of an uncaring people.
Such a strange land is this place of humanity.
And so I wander about amongst the shadows of the starlit night, longing for a language and a people, which I can comprehend and once again call my neighbor and friend.
A people who are true to themselves and to the tenets of life as it should be.
And yet every so often from out of the roaring din of madness comes a voice I can understand. The voice of one who really gets it, a patron of life who remains connected to the ancient ways of respect and adoration of our dear Gaia.
And so though this walk through humanity is indeed lonely, I am not alone, I am not alone…