The Knoll

A Mind Meditation

Allow yourself to withdraw deep into your third eye. That silent and calm place where time stands still and your thoughts are at rest.
Feel the tension draining from your body in little rivulets of relaxation.

Visualize your feet extending deep, deep, down within the folds of Mother Earth. Feel yourself becoming grounded. All of your physical concerns are slowly draining away.

Visualize your head stretching up, up through the sky. You become one with the cosmos as you stretch up to the warm grasp of Father Sun.
All of your emotional concerns are being left behind as you rise higher and higher.
You find yourself in a state of total contentment, at one with your inner self. Savor this moment and the sense of peace that it brings.

Slowly you find yourself drifting towards a distant and magickal place.

As your spirit drifts you find yourself alighting upon a quiet knoll deep with the center of a mystical forest. Surrounding the knoll is a dark and ancient forest. Massive oak trees with their grey and gnarled branches encircle the knoll as if waiting in quiet anticipation of your arrival.

Take a moment to project your feelings of love and respect for these towering Lords of the forest.
You sense a feeling of joy as these feelings are projected back at you. Deep within, you know that you are loved and protected by the guardians of the forest.

As you stand upon the top of the knoll, feeling completely at ease, you hear the sounds of laughter coming from tiny voices hidden within the deep grass at the foot of the knoll.
You instinctively know that these are the wood elves that have come to welcome you to a place where only your spirit can travel. You sense that this is a place of great mystery and wonder.

You feel yourself starting to dance as they begin to sing an ancient song. A song of words lost in the mists of time. Round and round you twirl in throes of excitement, the strange music completely taking over your soul. A primal rhapsody from distant lands, unknown to the mortal self, a dance from times and places long past.

As you dance the sound of tiny drums fills the air around you.
Allow yourself to become one with the dance of life.
Slowly you come to a complete stop as you feel the warm tendrils of a slight breeze caress your body. Suddenly you sense something special in the air.
You become aware of unspoken words which cannot be heard by the ear alone, silent words which must be sensed and felt by the heart.
You realize that these words are forming a spiritual message, with its origin in the strange, elfin song. It's a deep and personal message of life and challenges. A sacred message, that applies solely to you and your on going life lessons.
Listen with all your heart until the message becomes clear, deep within your soul.
After you have received this message, smile and give a silent thanks to the waiting elves.
In acknowledgement, you hear the sound of wild laughter and then suddenly a profound silence sets in.

Take this moment to ponder your personal message and how it applies to your life. Think about how it affects you and what changes are necessary in order to apply the gift of wisdom that has been granted
to you.
When you have this message and the actions you need to take, set firmly in your heart, quietly bow before the sacred oak trees in acknowledgement of their special wisdom.

From the top of the knoll slowly begin to walk in a spiral, going deosil as you do. Feel your spirit gently lifting from the top of the knoll and returning back to that quiet place within your third eye.
When you have completely returned, slowly open your eyes and resume your life anew.
Know that you have been given another plank in the bridge of life.
Reach out to those around you with the special love and wisdom that was granted to you during this journey.
Continue through your life with dignity and peace.