The Glade

(A Mind Meditation for grounding and centering)

Find a quiet place to meditate. Next assume a comfortable position, whether this be sitting or standing.  Ground yourself by visualizing your feet extending deep within the ground beneath you. Feel your legs stretch down within the womb of Mother Earth.

Next stretch your arms up to Father Sky. Feel your arms extending endlessly towards the sky above. Feel the connection as you stretch your arms to the waiting grasp of Father Sun above.

Now draw your energy to your navel and feel it as the energy encloses your body like a golden orb of protection. When you are ready, push this energy out through your arms and legs. Feel the sense of well being this creates and absorb this feeling into your memories. 

Now relax and withdraw into your Third-Eye Chakra.

Visualize yourself walking along a hidden path through an ancient and silent forest. As you walk alone amongst the towering trees, you feel a deep sense of old wisdom and experiences past, filling the air around you. Stop and meditate on this and then open up your mind and allow this experience to become one with your inner thoughts.

Take notice of the Crow up above you who is circling and cawing and thus announcing your presence. The Crow is the bird of mystical happenings. You acknowledge that you are a witch and that you have responsibilities to your world. You know that you can connect with energy and that this energy can be manifested into action. You have dedicated yourself as a Stewart of Mother Earth. You seek out the mysteries and the answers to life. You are a spiritual walker. And as such you have a responsibility for your spiritual growth. All of these thoughts you project to the Crow. Allow this feeling of responsibility to fill your soul. Take a few moments and meditate on what these responsibilities mean to you personally.

As you move on, you suddenly notice a small, circular Glade just up ahead. As you near the Glade, you see that it is completely covered with wild flowers. Standing at the edge of the Glade you can see butterflies flitting from one colorful flower to another.

For a moment you become one of the butterflies. Feel the ecstasy of freedom as you spread your delicate wings and gleefully fly through the air. Landing on one flower and than another as you seek out the sweet drink of nectar that is awaiting you. Feel this feeling of freedom as it fills your spirit. Soak in this feeling completely before entering the Glade.

As you enter the Glade you walk to the very center, there you find a small mound of dirt covered with grass. You stand atop this mound and look around at the trees that are gathered about you. You become aware of the presence of the woodland spirits moving about in the surrounding woods. Feel their intense energy and profound feelings of love. They see you as witch, guardian and caretaker of the forest. Become one with their spiritual vibrations of love as they form a sacred circle around you and the Glade. Allow these warm, intense feelings of love to overwhelm you with their power. And absorb as much of this power as you can, into your awaiting heart. For in your heart it shall always be a part of you. A constant reminder, that we are connected with all life.

Next notice the gentle wind passing by as it caresses your face with gentle wisps of air. Become one with the wind and feel yourself bouncing along as you tickle the leaves of the trees. Feel the freedom of body and spirit as you wend your way here and there. Carefree and full of life, you are one with Spirit. For as Wind, you have no form but that of the silent energy that chooses its own invisible path. Allow this feeling to become one with you. Feel the determined, yet gentle, compromising way that Wind achieves its goals. Embrace this lesson as your own.

Return to the Glade and take notice of the multi-hued flowers. Feel their strong sense of community. Notice that the Glade is blessed with flowers of all different shapes and colors of flowers. As you take in the pleasant aroma of the flowers, you suddenly realize that it is this mixture of colors, shapes and so forth that make the Glade so beautiful. Deep in your heart you know that all are brothers and sisters in this realm. And that it is this mixture that creates such beauty. Meditate on the values of community for a few moments and allow these thoughts to become one with your mind.

And finally you become aware of the warm rays of energy showering down upon you from Father Sun above. You feel yourself smile, secure in his presence. You find yourself doing a small dance in honor of your Father and Mother. When you are done dancing you stretch your arms to the sky and give homage for the many gifts that were given this journey. You reach down and touch Mother Earth, giving back some of the love that She so freely casts about. You smile and dance yet some more, filled with feelings of joy and gratitude. You stop and take a moment to reflect on the values of joy and gratitude within your life. And you meditate on how these values may enhance your life.

It is now time to leave the Glade. And so you walk back to the edge where you entered and looking around one last time, you notice that a part of your essence has remained in the Glade. Deep down within your spirit, you know that there will always be a connection between you and the lessons of the Glade. Start walking down the path through the forest and slowly return to the present…