The Falcon

A path-working Meditation

Ground and center, when you feel that you are in balance, withdraw into your third-eye chakra. Become one with your spirit and open yourself up to the silent void.

Feel yourself shifting from your human form into that of a Falcon. Completely become one with the falcon.  Next visualize yourself as a falcon perched high above a desert plain. You are standing upon the heights of a majestic mountain. Sense the ancient wisdom rising from the mountain and surrounding lands. Feel the strength and sureness of your talons as they grip the edge of a rocky cliff with confidence. Feel the coarseness of the wind swept ledge.  Feel the energy pulsating all about you.  Feel the stillness of the pre-dawn morn as Mother Moon reflects a soft silvery light off of the crown of your head. The velvety darkness and the silence of the world are spread out before you. With your fine tuned hearing, you cast about for the unspoken lessons being offered by the Great Spirit. As you do so you notice the coolness of the air rising from the dark and motionless desert below.

High above you the stars twinkle like thousands of pin lights on a black canopy. It is as if they are giving a visual concert. As Mother Moon slowly gives way to the dawn, you notice the ever growing change in light. You sense the welcome glow of life rising in the East. And as Father Sun begins his fiery ascent, feel the warm thermal currents as they gently caress your feathers. Stretch your wings wide and feel the strength of your being as the morning dew glistens off of your back. You shift each feather in anticipation of the day’s events. Feel the intense freedom that you enjoy. Screech out a mighty shriek, letting all creatures know, far and wide, that you are Falcon, Scion of the skies. 

With your keen eyesight, you detect the slightest motion from far down below you. You feel the pangs of hunger begin to gather within you. Here upon the mountain top, where you are one with the Great Spirit there is no prey. There is, only you, the mighty Falcon, preening in the glory of the Gods.

Scanning with sharp awareness below, you detect the hiding place of brother rabbit down within the distant folds of Mother Earth. All at once the memories of ancient customs flood through your brain. You spread your regal wings once again and silently leap off of the cliff. As you do so, you fold your mighty wings back and like an arrow you soar towards your prey. The warm wind is streaming past you as you dive faster and faster. The day is awakening and life is bursting with energy. Your keen eyes are locked upon the target and as you come soaring ever closer, you extend your sharp talons in anticipation. Silently you descend with ever increasing speed towards your intended prey. You can feel your heart beating with excitement. Your body becomes tense for the final strike. The smell of blood is in your nostrils. You are one with the moment.

At the last possible second brother rabbit veers aside.

You instantly change direction and veer towards the awaiting blue sky above. The clouds are dotted across the sky like soft tufts of cotton. You have missed your prey but you are not disappointed. You know that this is but a turning of the Wheel. All things are as they are meant to be. As above, So below.

You give another mighty shriek, acknowledging that life and passing are in balance. As you glide slowly about, riding on the thermal winds that gently caress your wings, you realize that the lessons of life and death are the same. That without one there cannot be the other. You are part of the balance. Along with all other creatures of this realm, you are an integral part of the scheme of life. The ancient customs meld with the new and continue on in an unbroken thread of lessons each offering hope and despair, each delicately balancing the other. You slowly glide back to your perch upon the mountain top. As you skillfully alight on the cliff edge, you give one final shriek.

Slowly come back to your third-eye chakra, slowly feel yourself transforming back into your human body. Ground and Center once again. Give silent thanks to Deity for the lessons that you have been blessed with.