The Storm of Life

While listening to the boom of thunder, echoing across the land. An obscure thought occurred to me. As Taranis strides about this realm, his passing signifies the essence of life in its purest form. It is but a brief notation in the eternal passing of that which we know as time. And yet its effects can be enduring, stretching out through the ages in the form of fallen trees, newly formed streams, forest fires renewing the earth or a few fresh drops of water in a quiet mountain pond. Each element of the storm, seemingly separate and yet as a whole adding to the larger picture that we know as the Greater Mystery.   
And so as I stood atop a small hillock and raised my staff in honor of Taranis, mighty God of Thunder, whom I love and respect, I thought of how humankind is akin to a passing storm. For each of us contributes in a small way to the entirety of the storm that we know as life. As a pagan I tend to strive in and to believe that each of us is individuals. And so like each separate drop of rain that falls out of the sky, we serve a purpose in some fashion. And by the nature of our being we contribute to the outcome of our impact here in this life and perhaps for many lives to come.                    Our very actions of which we are responsible for, will determine whether our drop of rain lends a nurturing effect to those around us. Providing substance and lending itself to the advent of life. Thus allowing the growth of knowledge and the desire to continue to grow and seek out even further wisdom, like a plant that knows no boundaries.
Or will it add to the raging stream that in time will become a devastating flood, serving no purpose but that of destruction and mayhem? Egos out of control, washing away the positive lessons that stand before it in a maddening rush of insecurity. Serving no purpose but a brief and yet false sense of accomplishment that that offers no real value. Or will we be like the sound of thunder, echoing across an empty sky. Noticed but briefly by those within hearing and yet leaving no lasting impression. Such is a formidable sound to be sure, but void of any tangible meaning, other than its forlorn warning of what is yet to come. It is an omen of events having the possibility of outcomes far more lasting and memorable.                           
And yet isn’t the sound of thunder, however brief in its presentation an element of life as well? Must each person in the storm of life play a role greater or smaller then the next? Does not each of us count in the overall scheme of things? Each of us are contributing in ways, which are immeasurable, for surely we each have but a limited view of the grand scheme of that which we know as life. For one to claim to have a greater vision then that is to be untrue to yourself and thus to others.                                               
And so should we not err on the positive side of doubt?              
Heeding the sound of thunder as an omen of not what is according to our limited interpretation but rather to what follows as per our own actions. By doing so, the passing storm of life can turn out to be as benign or as violent as we allow it to be. Taking responsibility for our contributions to the storm will determine the final outcome of our legacy as pagans and indeed as humans.                           
Or will we be as the brilliant flash of lightening that streak across the gray skies of humanity? Many are the possibilities of such a powerful presentation. We may choose to light up the sky so that the eternal flame of enlightenment touches the hearts and minds of the many. While such a display demands respect, an aspect sorely missing in our current society, it also brings with it a sense of awe and wonderment. And thus creates a mood of creativity and a desire to seek out that which we have foundered in the dark to grasp and understand. So many there is who could use the gift of lightening when offered in such a selfless and positive way.                  
And yet though such a gift is possible when one becomes as one with lightening, it seems to be the nature of humans to lean towards the destructive side of such displays of power. That which I speak of is the lightening that strikes the trees and the fields, thus resulting in the flames of destruction. Giving no heed nor thought to the efforts of past and current lives, being solely bent on destroying all in its path in a maddening orgy of ego out of control. Such a force seeks validation through sheer might, ignoring the wisdom of past storms.                        
And yet not all is lost.                                             
For Taranis, that mighty and wise god, will choose to visit yet again those silly humans who do not seem to grasp more than bits and pieces of the Great Mystery. And with his passing through the realm of earth, the rains will fall yet again. And from those drops of rain that choose to lend a positive character to the devastation left behind by the ravages of the uncontrolled lightening, life will once again regain a footing. The Circle will be complete as we go through the storm of life is search of the answers that will draw us up to be as one with the gods. For to reach such a plateau is to rise above the elements of the storm, and thus we will have reached the understandings that we so sorely seek out as we each contribute in some small or large way to the storm that we know as life.          
And so as you venture forth on your chosen path you may wish to be aware of just what element you add to the storm of life. It can be benign, or positive, or negative, but rest assured of two tenets of wisdom. You are responsible for your actions, though you may attempt to deny this to yourself and those same actions affect not only you but of those around you…