Some Random Thoughts

What if we were to step back from the microcosm that we call humanity, and took a long and honest look?
What would be the general opinion of this particular species?
Would it be the type of existence that on would willingly enjoin?
Would one see humans as a very violent and self destructive life form, or as an example of what not to be?
We as humans pride ourselves as being the most intelligent  and salient of all the species on Mother Earth. And yet the example we set in general is one of belligerence and self centeredness.
The human species has set upon a determined course to strip Mother Earth of numerous life forms. That of our own kind as well as many other innocent species. Humans have taken the gifts of Mother Earth and have used them to despoil the seas, the land and the air. We cannot stave off hunger and disease amongst our kind, but have been able to develop the means to annihilate every species on the planet.
What does this say about us as a species?
We live our entire lives embroiled in a see-saw of actions and reactions. Lashing out at our own kind as well as other unfortunate species with an array of attacks which include both physical, vocal and emotional disruptions.  Violence seems to be an ingrained characteristic of our psyche. There are many who will say that such violence is a natural action of this realm.
But is it really?
Or is it just a cop out, the path of least resistance to the travails of life?
We spend a great deal of time trying to convince others of our kind, of our piety and/or spirituality, as if this will validate our beliefs in ourselves.
Is this really a necessity or is it easier to hide amongst the crowd rather then to stand and face oneself as an individual.
Why is it so much easier to lash out in some manner at another person or other species, rather then to not do so?
We will squash a bug without hesitation and then grieve when we lose one of our own. Where does respect for life begin and end?
Even though our species numbers in the billions, not one single member of our race can truthfully claim to have never added to the ripples of negativity that simmers across the ocean of life.
And yet despite the fact that the tapestry of humankind is stained with violence and disregard for the many inhabitants of this planet, there are sparks of light here and there.
Along with many other paths, Pagans seek out the Great Mysteries.
Perhaps one of these Great Mysteries is not to be so typically human. Perhaps it is to go against the grain of humanity and to stand as a individual. Perhaps it is to acknowledge our faults and to seek the truths that will lead us away from the accepted standards of behavior and rather lead us to the desired standards of true spirituality.
Do I have the answers?
For I am just a human like everyone else who is born into the realm of humanity.
And so like everyone else, I seek to find the key that will open the door to my soul. Perhaps being a human is the key and we but need to find the door. Perhaps…