Questions related to Energy Work

Have you ever wondered where the energy for your spell/energy work comes from? For instance is there an unlimited reservoir of energy upon which to draw from? Or is there a specific amount available for each soul that enters this realm.
Does it matter by which means one utilizes such energy? For instance a Christian will use the “power of prayer” to obtain a means. And yet a High Magician will employ their form of mysticism or a Shaman will use yet another means to obtain a result. Do the means actually justify or affect the results?
Does one approach offer a better chance of a favorable result over another?
In view of all of the different ways to access such energy, is there one such source or are there separate pools of energy that is specific to the beliefs and means of access?
What do you suppose is the origin of such energy? Does a Deity of some sort supply this energy? Or is it akin to the waters of life, created by a source we simply have no knowledge of.
The Vedic belief is that this energy is called “Mannuz” and is known as the Life force. In addition it is believed that such energy is present in all animate and inanimate life forms. Such a belief is called Animism.
Do you believe this as well?
Does such energy contain positive (Good) and negative (evil) energies or is it of a neutral form?
If it is of a neutral state can such energy be influenced by our will and utilization of it?
Is the concept of Good energy vs. Bad energy actually an oxymoron that is specific to the thoughts of humans?
Can we focus and direct such energy in a way that will enable it to manifest itself into a tangible form?
Or is this simply “Fools Gold” concept that we delude ourselves with?
Can this energy take on a manifestation of its own without the interference of mere humans? And if so what forms would and/or could this be?
Is it even a rational approach to engage in the use of energy when one really doesn’t have more then a superficial understanding of what energy as such, is?
Is there a “wrong” way to utilize energy and if so can this result in a backlash of some sort on either the physical or spiritual level, or both?
If one were to manifest and then direct energy at another person, can that person in effect negate the energy that is directed at them?
If so what does this mean? Is one or the other person stronger and/or more determined in their manipulation of such energy?
Does energy have a set strength or can it be “revved” up by way of the method of utilization?
Does energy have a “shelf life” or is its potency level so to speak, inexhaustible?
Once drawn upon and used, does said energy get “used up” or does it return to its original reservoir from which it came?
When energy is utilized does it retain any of the associated “Intent” or “Purpose” that it was manifested for or do these introductions purge themselves after the energy has served its purpose?
Hypothetically speaking, are there different depths of energy within the universal pool of energy and are we only able to access the shallow end of the pool so to speak. Or are there those who can access the deeper ends of said pool?
Regardless of what path or belief we embrace, we utilize energy in some form or fashion. And in my humble opinion if we don’t ask ourselves these, and/or similar questions, then we are in all reality playing with fire. And as is always the case, one ends up getting burned. Ask questions in order to avoid the flame’s…