Poetry Page 9

My Path

From the tendrils of dark I seek the light
This road before me is it right?

Many in life would say don't follow that path
For there such evil flows with mighty wrath

Mistakes in time we shall make
But isn't this what makes life so great

Narrow minds, eyes shut tight
And yet Her love does shine so bright

My choice I've made for this one life
And now I'm free of stress and strife

As I look to the midnight moon
Within my spirit I hear a tune

The words go something like this
With just a touch of soothing bliss

Look into your heart my beloved child
And let your spirit run free and wild.
Learn the Mysteries as they are near
A spiritual path for you my dear

And so I say to those that hate
I leave you to your own sad fate

For I have chosen the path of love
And I adore the Gods above

Ode to Mr. Bush

Gods of war are walking about
Kali shaking her string of skulls
Ravens feeding on the flesh of the fallen
Driving armies into a route

War chants fill the midnight air
Sabers rattling
Bullets flying
Does anyone really care?

Wolves are fighting over a bone
A mother's son
Dearly departed
The lost can only moan

President Bush screams for more
Blood and guts
Oil is the goal
Growling like a wounded boar

Cover the land with bloody soil
His children are safe from his war
Texas redneck
Fight and die as you toil

The world be damned he cares not
Blindly thrashing
Bully pulpit
May his legacy end in rot

Our brave children who have died
Their memories are kept
Their spirits shall shine
All because Bush has lied

Pagan Child

Pagan blood hot and wild running through my veins
Grandma knows and mother just smiles as we ready for the Beltine fires

Bonfire aburning, flames acrackling as we dance around the Beltaine fires

King of the forest, Pan O Pan we hear your pipes
Sing us a song as we dance in the moonlit night

Witches chant in the grove, there's fairy song in the air this night

This night, this enchanted night
Bonfire aburning, flames acrackling as we dance around the Beltaine fires
Mother Goddess, hear your children, for our spirits are wild and free

We are natures children, we are wild and free
Pagan born and pagan bred, we are the spawn of the wild oak tree

Mystic wonders and magick in the air
Its Beltaine fires, its the time of year
Bonfire aburning, flames acrackling as we dance in honor of the Goddess

Pagan blood, hot and wild
Pagan born and pagan bred
Pagan born and pagan bred
As we dance around the Beltaine fires

Questions of Life

While wandering through the mists of my mind
A solemn voice called out to me
Questions of life await you my child
Are you ready to answer in kind?

Shadows of time flashing to and fro
Thoughts swirling about like a sandstorm
Fears met and passed
Was I ready to grow?

Many times I have walked in doubt
Errors made, many regrets
The river of life flowing by
Could I be so true and stout?

Self image has faded away
Ego raised and fallen
The book of life turns the page
My hair now long and gray

Impressions given and taken
Many a day dealing with rage
Owned or borrowed, it's all the same
Was I about to awaken?

Memories of all the lies
Like a raging river
So many voices in the chorus
Never as true as the crow flies

I waited to see if the voice would go away
But the shadows lengthened within my mind
Turning back to reflections of life
The voice was not about to give sway

So many joys and so many pains
Seeking answers, finding questions
Where do I start, where do I end
Many losses and many gains

Was I worthy of my first breath?
Was I true to my creator?
Was I true to myself?
The answers will be revealed by my death

So I turned to the night
Your questions I will answer
For my soul is bared
I am ready to stand in the light

My child the voice said with a smile
You are finishing the last chapter of this book
Better or worse it is all written down
Your thoughts were your answers all the while


Walking through the woods the rain begins to fall
Tears of those who have gone before
The joys and pains of ages gone by
Listen closely and you can hear them call

Reflections of life swirling about
The ancient Crone beckons
Life and death is but a phase
Fears of both make me shout

Emotions seem to be the seed
The first breath taken
A person is shaped
Watch as Pan, plays his reed

Tired and broken I long to be free
A mind in crisis
A body that is worn
Traveler on the cosmic sea

An emotional orphan all alone
Love has been a fleeting hope
Anger a familiar companion
This is what the pages have shown

And so I wander about resigned to fate
Listening to the cries swirling in the rain
Feeling the movements of life like a shifting breeze
So sensitive as of late

Long have been the days gone past
Short are the days ahead
Yet no regret as the veil draws near
For such a life could never last

Self Worth

What if the animals of the world ruled over man?
Would they hunt us down with such glee?
Would they drive us into extinction?
Would they herd us across the land?

What if birds ruled the sky?
Would humans be allowed to pollute the air?
Sending our toxins to the winds
Caring not who lives or die

What if insects were in the lead?
Would they spray us to no end?
Simply because we offended them
Would they engage in such a deed?

And what if it were the fish?
Could we continue to pollute the waters?
Dumping our waste without a care
Doing as we wish

And what about reptile rule?
Would they kill us on sight?
Simply because of the shape of our bodies
Would they be so cruel?

And what about the plant life
Would they cut us down with nary a concern
Destroying those they did not want
Cutting us down with a knife

Man has made his mark on earth
Mass destruction of all that is about
With such a legacy as we have made
What is really our self worth?

Song of Life

As I walk the silent path I suddenly hear the song of life
Many strange chords weave through my head
Some very harsh, some very soft
It cuts through my soul like a knife

The song consists of many a woe
Armies clashing through the ages
Mothers crying out in anguish
Skulls aligned in a row

Such a song we rarely hear
Our ears shut ever so tight
Our lips move but there is no sound
The hand of death is ever so near

We are told that all is right
Patriotic lies bite like a snake
For the good of all it is said
Yet our children pass in the night

The politician gives us his crooked dream
Sacrifice your all for me
Holding out his blood stained hand
Countless lives flowing down the stream

Is this truly the song that I want to sing?
Murder and mayhem around the land
Screams and tears of sadness
The horror mounts to an eerie ring

I wish to create a song of my own words
One of laughter and peace
Where love is the primary chord
All around a chorus of singing birds

A song that sings not of the woes of man
No words of constant greed
No notes of dying and war
Only a song of the healing land