Poetry Page 8

From out of the Dark

From out of the dark, into the night, as I seek the second sight.
Though it may rain, though it may storm
Feel the pain, but feel no scorn
We walk this realm that we call life, though it seems so full of strife

Witch born, witch bred, through this realm you shall tread
Lessons learned can only be earned
Feel the love but cast no hate
For when the time comes I shall view your slate

Pain and sorrow, as if no tomorrow
Humans rage lets turn the page
Love and joy are the gifts of She
Open your heart and just be free

I looked at the moon so regal and bright
It was then I found the second sight
Reach out to those who are in pain, for without there’s no spiritual gain
Thus we grow in our love for the Goddess, who was in our heart from the very start

Err we will for humans we are, only the Gods can see that far
As a witch I shall live, and thus I say I forgive
As for my mistakes I ask you to say
Humans we are and humans we stay

Have you ever:

Have you ever watched a dew drop fall to the ground?
From branch to branch, it falls so slow
Silvery and round, it continues to travel
To the earth with nary a sound

Have you ever watched a turtle in the forest?
Silently moving
Slow and sure
Winking his eye at this lone tourist

Have you ever listened as the reeds make song?
Silent wind amongst their kind
Titillating and rippling
I find myself singing, just singing along

Have you ever connected with Father Oak?
Decked in shades and looking so cool
Old man of the forest, oh so wise
Give up your fear and go for broke

Have you ever been serenaded by the frogs at the Crick?
Peepers singing their hearts delight
Bullfrog adding sounds of blues
Two step dancing; now that's the trick

Have you ever watched a beetle crawl?
Skittering here and there along a branch
Waving his hand in a cheerful hello
And then taking of as if headed for a brawl

Have you ever smelled the sweet scents of honey suckle?
Memories of the distant past
Aroma so pure and clean
My knees very nearly buckled

Have you ever watched as a spider weaved?
Shaman master, weaver of life
Delicate strands, glistening in the sun
So much wonder, I actually grieved

And yet night after night I wonder
Just outside our windows
Life and love and earthly magick
Why does mankind have to cast it asunder?

To the vibrant chorus of life we add to the coffer
Sounds of war, bloodshed across the land
Greed and hate, and more of the same
As humans so blind, is this our final offer?

From life around are lessons to give
Put aside our self destructive ways
Perhaps then in the grand song of life
We can more peacefully live


Soft tendrils of light along my path
Cobwebs formed the night before
Drops of dew touching my face
A day without rage or wrath

I ponder the events of life
Days that are free of grief
Days that can be painted with wisdom
Days that are free of strife

As a human I know that life can be hard
Constant tension, looking for answers
To agree or disagree
Tarot speak, I hope to draw the right card

And so I look up to the fading moon
Mother dearest hear my thoughts
Show us the way out of this mess
Off in the distance a silent Loon

And though we are often in a bad way
We have the power to change
Peace and prosperity to all
Oh dear Mother is that what you say

Start your day with a positive thought
Help the elderly and all about
Listen to the laughter of a child
Oh look what the Faeries brought

An offering of lasting hope
A gift of promise and joy
Reach out and embrace the Goddess
As a race I know that we can cope

I Dream

I dream of a world where deer can walk without fear
No trace of man's, selfish desires
Decisions of life are left to Her
Is this desire so far or near

The air itself so pure and clean
Butterflies dancing, colors bright
A blue heron lands, steady and calm
Do we really have to be so mean?

Where the fish can avoid the hook
Sacred love across the land
Serenity the song, we all hear
You know who, no need to look

A squirrel jumps from tree to tree
A time of joy, one of bliss
No fights or jealousy
A life so truly free

A snake slithers across the ground
A people so blind they cannot see
Politicians selling their lies
Folks its time to turn around

A tiny hummingbird flaps it wing
Look for God he is about
Open our eyes and hear the words
Of their praises do we sing?

Greed and spite our midnight light
Warriors gathered across the land
Bombs and guns we have them all
Does this really make it right?

Goddess voice deep within my heart
A message given, a message heard
Choose the sword, choose the dove
Will we ever give peace a start?

Do we choose such a sad fate?
Destruction and loss of life
Pain and misery is the norm
Is that the choice, is it too late?

If only I could

If I were a butterfly
So delicate and free
I would give the love of beauty
If only I could

If I were a fish
Swimming in the deep blue ocean
I would give a love of the sea
If only I could

If I were a free bird
Soaring high in the sky
I would give the love of freedom
If only I could

If I were a mole
Burrowing deep within the soil
I would give the love of Mother Earth
If only I could

If I were a deer
Wandering the deep green woods
I would give the love of Nature
If only I could

If I were a fat frog
On a sunny log
I would give the love of life
If only I could

But alas I am only a human
Taking in all such gifts
Appreciation, I could offer
If only I would


As I fall from the sky
A sparkle of light across Her veil
Creation breathes a deep sigh
Does it matter if I live or die

To have life there has to be Death
A time of spiritual rest
Review the lessons
Breathe deep the Golden Breath

The spirit it knows well
This realm or that
Chaos in the making
We continue to dwell

It is not about the here and why
Open your heart and listen
The lesson is there for all
Oh such joy it makes me cry

The mystery is that we are a part of this plan
Deny we may but we still are
Souls in the night, wandering about
All a member of the mystery clan

Petty fighting and wasted words
Wisdom abounds before our eyes
Free yourself from bonds of hate
Soar like one of the silver birds

True freedom is a spirit loose
Petty desires strewn about
Knowledge of life the key that opens
Shed yourself of the stifling noose

Rise above the deafening sound
Follow your spiritual truth
Be swayed not by those who deceive
Loose the fetters, be not bound

For life and death is a human thought
The spirit shall live as ever it does
Manipulation is always at hand
For them, spiritual growth is but a drought

Listen to the wise oak tree
The truth is that which begins within
Reality is a reflection of that truth
Learn this my friend and you shall be truly free.

Midnight Walk

Its Samhain time as I take a walk
Father Oak speak to me
I your child seek to know
And so I wait to hear you talk

As the Mysteries draw so near
I turn to the land of Tir-nan-Og
I hear the gates as they swing open
And alas I have no fear

Sultry night, the swish of a bat
Old owl just winks
As the trees stand silent
Near at hand is my black cat

Ancient call of witches past
Oh Dark Mother I feel you near
The silence of magick
May my heart stand fast

Secret lives that we bear
Cauldrons a boiling
Wands so bright
As a mystic do I dare

And so my staff I do raise
Energy is all about
My besom sings with eerie voice
As I join in with words of praise

Oh Dark Mother my love I deeply give
My aura shines ever so bright
I hear the words that you have taught
And so as a witch I shall ever live.