Poetry Continued Page 7

A Thought

What is life I ask myself?

Is it a portrait of good health?

Where all are whole and all are free from land to shining sea.
For answer I turn to the wisdom of the old Oak tree.

Please my brother, give me the truth.
Don't stand there so silent and aloof

With a calmness in his eyes, he looks down on me.
My human child he says, if only you could see.

For life is but a passing of the wind.
Where living and dying is a part of the trend.

Fear not that which we would wish away.
For such thoughts are always at play.

Know instead that the Great Mother above.
Is always there and so full of love.

Your worries and cares, She holds so tight
But take hold of Her love and you shall find the light.

However brief our life passing may be.
She is smiling and waiting for thee.

For all of life is beautiful and whole.
What the body may lack is found in the soul.

And so fear not what your mind may dread.
For it is within the soul that pure love is bred.

With that I say to my little niece.
That when it is time for your release.

You shall go with all my love.
For my answer has come from high above.

You precious child, have taught me a lesson so dear.
That now I walk this life without dread nor fear.

A walk in the rain

As I was starting my walk in the woods
Lo and behold it started to rain
Grumbling and growling to the trees
What did I do to deserve this bane?

But as I walked along the path
A bit of rain fell on my nose
As pure and sweet this single drop
My mind then filled with sudden prose

Mindless wonders I went along
All of a sudden I started to balk
Tall and ancient, the giant Oak tree
But what stopped me was he started to talk

Your eyes are closed, your mind is blank
So sadly he said as he looked at me
Rain that's here had to come from there
So open your heart and you will see

Suddenly it struck me all at once
For this drop of rain just may be
From a tropical ocean so far away
Or maybe it's from a silvery sea

Or perhaps it had fell for the very first time
So clear and warm from up above
I began to twirl and dance about
For this Spring rain was sent with love

Suddenly I smiled and felt at peace
For though I had thought my luck was bad
Our Mother was sharing a gift so great
That I no longer felt so down and sad

And so I walked that misty path
Indeed with the rain falling on my face
Never again would I have such regrets
For deep in my heart I have found Her grace

A Yule Gathering

Lunar Mother in the sky
Shine your light on us tonight
For this is the day we call Yule
When the new begins and the old rescinds

Candle light and the Yule log so bright
Our love is great upon this night
The coven gathers, as we do
Goddess worship as well as Lugh

Mother Goddess enlighten us
For in you we place our trust
Your love we worship, your love we adore
Mother Goddess, who could ask for more

Magick is in the air tonight
Candle light is ever so bright
Magick is in the air tonight
Candle light ever so bright

Silvery Queen, your smile so bright
A shooting star in the sky tonight
Silvery Queen, your smile so bright
Like a beacon, the time is right

As we renew our vows to each
It is for your love we reach
Nature children, Pagan bred
Without your love there would be dread

Yuletide warmth and candle light
We give our love to thee this night

Yuletide warmth and candle light
We give our love to thee this night

Mother Goddess and Father Lugh
We walk the path, we stay so true
Yuletide night is the start
Of love and hope in our heart

Blessed be to all of thee
Blessed be to all of thee

As I walk amongst the silence of the woods.

As I walk amongst the silence of the woods.
I feel the presence of Spirit about me.
From the twittering of song birds high up in a tree
To the rhythmic buzzing of a wandering bee.

I feel it in the cry of the soaring Hawk
The loving presence of Spirit about me
From the delicate touch of a Butterfly's wing
As if I were floating on a deep blue sea

To the branches of Father Oak swaying in the wind
The warm presence of Spirit is about me
From the multi-colored leaves swirling to the ground
I feel the energy within my Chi

I feel it in the graceful walk of the deer ahead
The silent presence of Spirit is about me
From the skittering of the squirrels as they gather their nuts
I feel so spiritually free

And so as I walk back to my home
Yes on this day to sit alone
Alas my friend I must smile
For I feel the presence of Spirit about me!

Conversation with a Spider

As I walked along the wooded trail
From out of the air a voice so sweet
I look around but saw no one
Yet there upon a twig sat a spider so frail

Pain and rage seems to be your mark
She said with a voice so soft
Gentle and wise she looked at me
It is time my son to step out of the dark

Alas I said, it is the way of my kind
We wage bloody war upon our own
Affected by hate throughout our lives
Such feelings of sadness fill my mind

Aye your kind endures a life so brief
And yet we watch your petty lives
For we are the spinners of mystery
And well we know your grief

Then I say to you weaver of life
Who watches from the tallest tree
Why must life be so hard?
Why must it be so full of strife?

Ah my son a lesson learned
Whether through love and hope
Or the pain of self
Is indeed a lesson earned

Then why should such lessons be so cruel
Can we not live in Joy and light
And still learn life lessons without the dark
Must it be through the taste of a bitter gruel

Sadly she smiled and so she spoke
Humans know no other way
To find the light they must grasp the dark
But now I see that you have finally awoke

To her I said these final things
I will follow my heart as best I can
To the very end of each day
And we will see what the Mother brings

I bid you farewell my little friend
Your words are wise
And your ways more so
I can only hope to share your trend

Does it Matter

Does it matter if a butterfly is red or blue or green?
Individual pursuit of happiness
To be able to live freely
Isn't this the ideal dream?

To search out ideas of life
You are you
I am me
Let's live without the strife

As the hawk soars in the sky
Emotions rise
Fingers are pointed
Who's to say what's in a lie?

One fish chooses the river
One may choose the ocean
Choices are free
Please don't make me shiver

The Goddess awaits us all
Rocky road
Woodland path
Religions will rise and fall

Fear not the hate
People engaged in war
Determined to choose the path for all
Such fools will meet their fate

Be true to yourself I say
Listen to the voice from within
Follow the beat of your heart
That is the only true way


Deep within our soul is a dark place
Void of sound
Motion is naught
A place where we hide our real face

Great Spirit lies in wait
The strength to reach within
To travel a mysterious road
What shall be our fate?

Like a golden web the first encounter is fear
Wisps of memories long lost
Pain and life together as one
But the truth is ever so near

Walk ahead ever so bold
Goddess love is our light
Let fear slip into the night
Take a step and break the mold

Are we real or are we not
Answers wait
We have but to ask
Is this really to be our lot?

Through the ages we shall walk
Questions arise as we seek the light
Fear is gone
We shall not balk

Within the dark we discover our self
Reality is a panorama of life
Lies and truth are all the same
Alas we increase our spiritual health

Lessons of life can be hard
Eyes shut tight
Ears hear naught
Listen to the words of the ancient bard