Poetry continued Page 5

The Rumor

The lea in the forest will be filling tonight
A gathering like none other
Ancient souls from days gone by
Rising up from the land

A rustle in the leaves
Out march the gnomes
Stalwart and ancient folk
Scraggly beards and shiny black boots

A ring of oak trees around the meadow
Silently watching, the Dryads wait
A quiet whisper in the night
Can it be true, is it so?

Softly the tall green grass parts
Woodland elves from all about
The rumor has spread
Though there is some doubt

Excited and flushed
Silvery wings aflutter
Faeries fly in
How could this be?

The Undines listen from a nearby stream
Joined by the sylphs like a silent breeze
As Salamanders stare straight ahead
Oh how lost their poor souls have become

In the distant the growling of the werewolves
Humans have lost their faith they howl
No longer do they believe
In the creations of the Gods

How can they be so blind cries out the dwarf?
He who wandered in so late
How can they deny the truth?
For life exists above and below

But then in strides a weary witch
Gnarled and gray
Bent over with age
Grasping her staff as she begins to speak

Fear not such thoughts my friends
For as long as long as there is one of the Craft
The truth shall live
Your memories kept

The heartbeat of man is becoming hard to hear
Their love for nature is slowing down
The beauty of life a fading memory
But we are ever here

At times we live in the light
Other times we hide in the dark
For the hand of man can be so cruel
But we will never fade

A sigh of relief spreads through the woods
The rumors are false
Such beliefs continue
As long as one witch resides upon the land

The Vision Quest

Have you ever stood on a mountain top during a thunderstorm?
Lightning caressing the darkening skies
Thunder talking with a deepened voice
Looking about in a true shaman form

Mystic visions I am here to seek
Fears exposed, the truth within
Heart is beating, nerves all taut
Oh Great Spirit, to you I speak

Rain spilling out of the swollen sky
Trees bent over as if in homage
Boulders quaking with excited anticipation
Acceptance of the all with a mighty sigh

The truth is hard for us to bear
Fragile and weak the human race
Face the fear and grow within
Mighty Epona, the Celtic Mare

Racing down the side of the hill
Seeking comfort in the cave below
Mud stained and soaked
Dryads cackling with a might shrill

Quiet creek dancing along the path
Wild undines riding the crests
Ancient forms arise from the land
Mannan Mac Lir now shows his wrath

Within the cave a solemn glow
A peace so deep it has no roots
Understanding is at hand
My heartbeat now begins to slow

Seek the ways that are all about
The truth is hidden from closed eyes
Within our heart lies the key
I step forward with a mighty shout

Listen to the song from above
You create what you live
Your reality is yours to shape
But the truth awaits in pure love

Thoughts at Dawn

An Amber moon on a moonlit night
Thoughts of ages past
A longing for my spirit to rest
Oh dear Mother I walk in your light

Ancient calls from a time long past
Sounds of drums in the distance
Magick lingers throughout the land
On this day I begin my fast

Oh dear Goddess am I true
Spiritual growth I do seek
But stumble I do and often at that
Oh dear Mother, life so cruel

But alas I have your love in my heart
Though I may feel alone
My life is of you
And naught will drive us apart

For many will deny your love
Fear and repression
Denial of our Mother
But I hear your words from above

So witch bred I shall stay
Mysteries of life they do abound
Spiritual trials to approach
Until Mother you lead me away

Seeking your knowledge in every way
Until that time I walk this Path
Brothers and sisters all about
I am ready to start my Day

What is spirituality?

Is it watching an acorn fall from a branch?
Spiraling down to Mother Earth
Alighting softly upon her womb
Life anew, the cycle continues

Or perhaps it is the song of a lone wren
A sad song of a life long lived
Lessons learned and opportunities missed
Growth from the pains and joys of living

Or maybe it's feeling the soft touch of a gentle breeze
A kiss blown to the wind
Across the ocean it travels
A moment of life between two strangers

Could it be some truth that you seek?
Walking the mists
Seeking out the mysteries
Answers lead to yet more questions

Or might it be simply a feeling within
A wholeness of self
As one with your daily trials
Seeking out the smooth paths along the rocky road of life

Or maybe it is a feeling of family love
A mother's soft smile
A father's pat on the back
A warm hug from revered grandparents

Spirituality is like a fleeting thought
A nebulous sense of the world around
Ever seeking that which leads to growth
Lessons sought, barriers overcome

Spirituality to me may differ from you
We each reach out to the silent call
I walk hither and you walk fro
In the end we become as one

Could this be Spirituality?

Whispers of a Shaman

Whispers as a dragonfly sings
Ancient song from days of yore
Magick gained by these old words
The wisdom that such a song brings

Flying high in the sky
On the back of a butterfly
Wings of gold in the sun
All about the air so dry

Listen to the Blue Heron call
Trials of life are worth the risk
Rely on the inner truth
Or the soul shall take a fall

Silence as two turtles make love
No illusions
No falsehoods
Listen to the sigh from above

A sparrow cries with a warning
At a crossroads which way to go
Death is but an illusion of life
Make a rise in the morning

Spirit calls, do take heed
Follow the path
Take a chance
Take the time to plant the seed

Shaman trials in a niche
Pain and Joy
A balance to seek
The cloak of life, another stitch

Within Each of Us

Within each of us there is a tester of our soul
Some know this tester as Coyote
Others as ego or subconscious
And yet others as Satan or Shaitan or what have you

And yet within each of us is a balance
This being the power of choice
A polarity within the spirit
A gift from Deity

We each choose whether to use or abuse these gifts
No other can answer for us
The finger that points is connected to the pointer
We pass through the veil alone

We decide each day as to how it will be
Whether as a gentle rain or a raging downpour
As a warm summer breeze or a violent gale
As a serene mountain vista or a raging volcano

Do we choose arrogance over humility?
Or show hatred in lieu of love
Or will it be pride over compassion
Perhaps insolence instead of understanding

Your inner voice does not speak to me
Nor does mine speak to you
For we are truly individuals
Each reacting within our own thoughts

And yet, as the ocean is made up of individual drops of water
We are all members of the community of life
Whether it be a violent wave
Or the quiet gurgling of a mountain stream

Will your actions cause pain or joy?
Will you judge or seek to understand
Will you create or destroy
Will you pass the test of the tester?

You cannot answer these questions for me
Just as I cannot answer for you
But each day we make a difference
What will be your choice today?

The Winds of Life

As I walk my spiritual path
The winds of life swirl around me
Trying to push me this way and that
Sometimes as a tempest at other times as a gentle rain

Elements of this storm affect my soul
Voices from around the land
Emotions riding as if on a wave
Sweeping over my determined spirit

Lightning flashes around my head
The fear of death pales through the reality of life
Stalwart in my love for the Goddess
Casting such fears asunder

Insecurities howl across the plains
Sheltered I am
For Her love is strong
Standing tall within the eye

The armies of nations can be quite daunting
Forced beliefs
A stranglehold on living
Stagnation of spiritual growth

And yet we have a choice
Free from the hand of man
Sheltered from the raging currents of so many beliefs
Firmly within Her caring arms

At the end of the day
The Sun shall rise
Perhaps not within this darkened realm
But within my brightly lit heart