Poetry continued Page 4


Beaten path that I seek
Rising up the rugged peak
Snow capped mound
Void of sound

Red laced sky
At last I cry
Spirit of the East
This day is without feast

Journey of the soul
A trek to become whole
Spirit of the South
I stand with open mouth

Eagle feather in his hand
Shaman walks across the land
Spirit of the West
Put me to the test

As I sit to meditate
I know I cannot hesitate
Spirit of the North
My soul is ready to go forth

Astral travel through the spheres
I stand ready to face my fears
Spirit of the skies
Will you open up my eyes

Now the journey is complete
The inner circle is replete
Spirit of the earth
I am so filled with mirth

Song of the Oak Trees

When you wander can you hear the old oaks sing?
A melody as soft as the breeze it rides
A song of memories both old and new
The melody of life as seen through their eyes

As life moves on new words are added
For the song of life is open ended
The passing of the ages
A turning of the wheel all over again

The old oaks have seen it all
War and peace and times in between
Times of drought and sad misery
And times of prosperity and joy

The birth of a wide eyed doe
The soft touch of a summer rain
The silent passing of a fuzzy caterpillar
The scream of a hawk circling in the sky

And the wise old oaks keep on singing
An ancient song, woven from the threads of life
Another age, another verse
Words of reality forming the chorus

And to this chorus we add a few words
Birth of a child, so pure of heart
The struggles we encounter from Maiden to Crone
The death of an Elder, the rebirth of the soul

And yet the ancient oaks keep singing their song
Sometimes the chorus is rough and crude
At times it is light and lively
But the song continues in spite of the tempo

As we advance on through our lives
Be aware that the old oaks are listening
Our actions formed into words
The song of life continues to play

Listen to their song as you live your life
For the song they sing are the chords of our soul
Will your verse come from within your heart?
Or will it be a verse that is bitter and harsh to listen?


The feeling of spring is in the air
From light to dark and to light again
The Robin has defeated the wren
Mother Earth in transition

Canadian geese in the field preening and resting
Journeying to and fro
First South, now North
Internal clock clicking

Misty rain in the air
Silent presence
Unseen but deeply felt
As all things of value should be

Ivy encircling the old oak tree
A supple touch
A deadly caress
Reminder of the balance of life and death

Silvery ripples across the little pond
Familiar face
Rising from the depths
Old snapper gives a wink

A feeling of rebirth
A second chance
Or a continuation
A life in transition

Lady Slippers beneath the ground
A feeling of familiarity
Spiritual connection

Spring is a time of implementing
Thoughts pondered
Dark half of the year

A time for the seed to grow
Memories built upon

The First step

Silently the spirit stands atop a majestic mountain
Far below a life waiting to be born
A pregnant mother
A fetus awaiting the touch of a soul

A shimmer of breath
It all begins
From mist to form
First step of the journey

Yet the spirit hesitates upon the ridge
For rising up from below
The mired sound of many voices
Words drifting about upon the thermal waves of life

Pushing and shoving
Determined thoughts
My religion is the way
No, no, this is the one

Wars are fought
Human lives are lost
Souls are spent
Father Time just shudders

A lesson of life ignored
Children we all are
Loved by Deity
Created the same

Dismal anguish self created
Will humans ever learn?
A scourge of the truth
Blindfolded by one's own hand

Power and ego
Mistakes waiting to be made
The soul a beacon in the night
Yet ignored by a lack of sight

Spirit decides with a sigh
It is time to go
A baby is born
The first step is taken

The Journey

As I step out on the edge of the world, I stop and heave a sigh.
Life and death a passing image, like a slowly swirling leaf
Thoughts and ideals all jumbled together
Was it all just a great lie?

So many paths leading to the same goal
Deity with faces known and hidden
To and fro, which way to walk
What in this life was my role?

The skies above shine with star light
Spirits engaged in tests of will
The torch is within reach
Yet humans walk lost in the night

Moments pass without a gain
Feelings of love and hate are they to blame
Rocky paths we create within our wake
I hide my tears within the rain

Fear and desperation become the norm
Different tribes from the same Father
And yet our Mother we cast asunder
Are we just acting true to form?

As I look back at the trail
The many paths all converge as one
Was the journey a worthy one?
One starts to wonder, did we pass or fail?

As I look ahead to the edge
Lessons learned and its time to go
It is what it is
One more step along the ledge

The Mountain of Life

Tired eyes
Blistered feet
One foot in front of the other
As I struggle along the path

The mountain known as life is before me
Spirit sighs
Another step
The summit towering above

Growing pains
Moments of sorrow
Some of joy
Obstacles turned to lessons

With a final gasp I reach the crown
Dancing about
A sense of accomplishment
The mountain of life is conquered

But then a higher awareness
As I look back from whence I came
An overwhelming sense of realization
A Greater mystery revealed

The mountain that I stand upon
But a bump in the road
The long journey but a moment in time
A single breath in the scheme of things

Many more trials lie ahead
More such mysteries to be revealed
Spiritual travel
Across many mountains of life

I take a moment to reflect
Experiences swirl about
With a determined thought
I begin the journey again

The Perfect flower

The seed is planted
Sacred Mother sighs
From the void into the form
Another child is born

The seed matures
Emotions create the soil
Experiences absorbed
Lessons gathered

From youth to Elder
Breaking the surface
A spiritual renewal
From Elder back to eternal youth

The form falls away
Through the void
A perfect flower takes shape
Reunited with Her tender love

An ethereal  experience
A spiritual garden
From spirit to form
From form to perfection

Segments of life
A cosmic circle
Annuals growing
Seeking to become as one with Her