Poetry Page 11

The Walk

As I walk blindly through the night
A human lost
Thirsting of knowledge
On a quest for the divine light

I often stop to wonder this
Thoughts a swirling
Emotions all taut
Will I ever feel the spiritual bliss

Errors we will make
Human trials
Lessons to learn
Life is like a giant rake

The leaves of life we can move
Growth and experience
Thought and sight
To ourselves thus we prove

Through the darkness is a ray of light
Deity love
Spiritual rest
And so I walk into the night

What am I?

Drifting shades of color and sound
Timeless moments in the void
Silent echo's in the chaos
Tendrils of thought drifting about

An ancient desire to take form
Lessons written as yet unlearned
A pause of breath
A moment of reflection

Livid flashes of lives gone by
Links in the chain
The cycle continues
Moving closer to the light

Pain and emotion waiting to be embraced
An eagerness to try
A willingness to die
Birth, life and death

A loving connection to the All
Infinite space
Akashic records
Godhead in motion

The door of time at the wait
The Gods are watching
Another trial
On this day a child is born

What’s in a smile?

A smile is such a tentative thing
If we feel up then we smile
If we feel down then we frown.

A smile is such a precious gift
When we smile we light up the room
When we frown we feel the darkness of the tomb.

A smile is like the meter of life
When we grin we set a positive path
When we frown we feel such wrath

A frown can nearly start a war
But a smile can do so much more

If you feel that you must frown
Look to the sky and dance like a clown

For Goddess love is near at hand
Oh my, my life is just so grand

And yes we will feel the pain
But don't let that be your bane

For a smile can be the cure that heals
While a frown can be the door that seals

Our hopes and dreams and love of life
Let's try and live it without the strife.

Why Not?

When you step outside your home
What do you notice?
Do you smell the scent of dew on the blades of grass?
Do you notice the spider web glistening in the bushes?
Do you see the lone hawk soaring overhead?
Do you spy the butterfly silently winging its way along?
Do you listen to the song of the sparrow greeting you as you step out?
Do you feel the soft tendrils of the wind as it caresses your face?
Do you feel the warm rays of the sun as it rises in the morning sky?
Do you watch as the wisps of clouds ride across the sky?
Do you watch as the caterpillar makes its way up the side of a tree?
Do you notice the bustle of the squirrel as it prances about?
Do you hear the ants as they talk back and forth?
Do you hear the caw of the crow as it wings on past?
Do you sense the energy of life that is all about?
If you are not aware of these things, I have one more question.
Why not???

Would it Matter?

If I reach my hand out across the void
Would you grasp it?
One human being to another
Spirit to spirit

Or would you reject my gesture
A display of anger
Negative emotions
Arrogant attitude

Would it matter if our skin tones were different?
Black and Yellow
Red and White
Brothers and sisters of the soul

Would it matter if you were materially rich and I was poor?
Toys for the ego
Haves and haves not
Breathing the same air

Would it matter if you were religious and I was spiritual?
Following our paths through life
Concepts of the individual
Seeking out Deity

Would it matter if I was ugly and you were physically beautiful?
Mirages of vanity
Man made walls
Visions of perfection

Would it matter if you were physically whole and I was physically
Spirit unchanged
Thoughts and feelings the same
Alive you and I

Would it matter if you lived there and I lived here?
Each of us touching Mother Earth
Children of Deity
Different speech, yet the same desires

I strive to see spirit as colorless
Where wealth is measured in lessons learned
Where life is how we live it
Where each is connected through Deity

I am reaching out to you
Will you accept or reject?
Will you falter in your step?
Or learn the lessons that awaits us all

I Fear Not

As my spirit enters this realm
I am immediately swept up into the storm
Being tossed to and fro
By the waves of tension and strife

And yet I fear not
For each morning the Sun shall rise
Warm tendrils of golden rays
Embracing my soul within its grasp

As I look across the land
War cries fill the air
Brothers and sisters locked in battle
Murderous thoughts to begin their day

And yet I fear not
For a wren will sing its lovely song
A tale of life gone by unseen
A melody of quiet joy

Each day brings a wave of crime
Human against human
A cry of rage around the world
Such is the hypocrisy of this life

And yet I fear not
As I walk in solitude through the woods
I know I am not alone
For in my heart dwells the presence of Deity

The cry of a child
A hand raised in anger
A lesson of life perhaps
To continue on the pain

And yet I fear not
For a gentle wind shall dry the tears
We are not alone in this wilderness
Their love is all about

Negative thoughts seem to prevail
Each person trying to shine brighter then the next
No one stopping to listen
A mad rush to nowhere

And yet I fear not
There is a quiet oasis within my soul
A place of tranquility and peace
A shelter from the storm

Life Lessons

While walking along a moonlit path
A gentle breeze grazes my brow
A silent touch
A passing in the night

Distant memories
My own I wonder
Uncertainty prevails
Spiraling through the maze

A Spirit of silence
Cast into the void
Chaos all about
Wisdom is but a fading dream

From the meadows of bliss
To the fields of despair
A flower wilting
A cloud strewn sky

And yet through the mist a patch of blue
A hope for this life
A knowledge of death
Outcome in the balance

The torch within
Lighting the way
A glint of hope
Decisions to make

To the shades we shall return
A life beyond the realm
Wiser or no
Life lessons shall tell