Poetry Page 10

Spirit Guide

O Spirit Guide of the morning light
Sleek of wing, in your lofty way
Shiny black in the moonlit night
Guide me now, guide me this day

So rarely do I grant my trust
And now that I have, its turned to dust
And through the ashes I must sift
To find the answers that were missed

O Spirit Guide of the morning light
Guide me now, guide me right

Fires of rage, they cross my brow
Friends indeed, though they say
Negative feelings are on the prow
Kith and kin no more this day

O Spirit Guide of the wind
Guide me now, oh let me mend

Mother Goddess I call to you
And father God that we call Lugh
Send your gentle drops of rain
To hide my tears of grief and pain

O Spirit Guide of the sky
I did what I could, I gave it a try

My trust was given, with pure love
And now I feel like a wounded dove
The Goddess just smiles and all will be
You just wait and you will see

O Spirit Guide so filled with wisdom
Why are my eyes so filled with crimson

My child, my child, to regain your trust
To the Witches Rede listen you must
To those who will, let them part
They were lost from the very start

O Spirit Guide all so wise
My soul is filled with such surprise
The answer sought is in my heart
It was there from the very start

The Butterfly

Life is like a small larva securely enclosed within a cocoon
Nurtured and growing, secure from all that lies without
Innocence intact, the essence of naiveté
An intimate connection with the Sacred Mother

The larva grows safely within this orb of life
No facades, no false ideals
Just the existence of being
The joy of development

In time the cocoon splits open
And out emerges a creature of beauty
So splendid in its many hued colors
An example of life in its purest form

But then a terrible thing happens
This lovely creature is exposed to the travails of this existence
Does its pureness and beauty prevail?
Alas it is overwhelmed

Its natural sense of love is shaken by the intrusive emotions of
other creatures
Its sense of safety is dwarfed by feelings of fear and panic
Its sense of love is battered by the feelings of hatred and rage all
Its sense of security is offset by the grim realities of this realm

There is an intense desire to return to the safety of the cocoon
What started out as the desire of the Goddess is now chaotic
What was seen as love and beauty is now revealed as ugly and dangerous
When did the design of our Mother end and the passions of man begin?

Can this creature of beauty ever find the world that it seeks?
A world where the love of our Sacred Mother prevails
A world where the travesties of man is but a dim and bitter memory
A world where sanity once again reigns supreme

Or is the beauty of birth to be ever marred by the realities of life
Man has created this madness, and man can change it
Spirituality is the lamp by which we seek the light
But is man willing to strike the match of change?

Or is the butterfly forever doomed to be born in all of its glory
Only to be thrust into the darkness of humankind
Its beauty ever so fleeting
Its sense of purity but a brief moment in life

The Glint of a Shaman

(A short perspective on life: What if?)

What if; all of the weapons in the world suddenly stopped working?
Would we go at each other with sticks and stones? Or would we realize
how stupid all the killing was?

What if; all of our vehicles stopped running (cars, trains,
airplanes) would we realize that the person walking beside us was
more than just a passing blur behind a sheet of glass?
Would we see them as the living, breathing human beings that they are?

What if; money and jewels and so forth became obsolete? Would we be
so quick to be someone other than ourselves? Would we still harbor
feelings of superiority over others? Would we display feelings of
arrogance? Of greed?

What if; our homes became inhabitable and we had to live in the
forests. Would we be so quick to foul our streams and lakes? To

What if; there were no nations, only people. Would we be so quick to
call someone a foreigner? Would we be so quick to taunt them?

What if; we were all the same skin color; would we still know the
pangs of prejudice? Would we dislike someone because of the size of
their nose? Or perhaps the way they comb their hair?

What if; there were no televisions to watch or radios to listen to.
Would you listen more to your children? Your spouse? Yourself?

What if; you could only pick one person to be your lifelong spouse?
Would it be the person that you are with now? Would you take the
relationship for granted or would you work at it each day? Would you
cherish this person with all your heart?

What if' the majority of the populace was handicapped and you
weren't? Would you feel superior? Sympathy? Acceptance?

What if' you were hungry and you came across someone with a bag of
food? Would you beg for some? Would you steal it? Would you offer
something in return? Would you be too proud to ask?

What if; we were all blind, would someone's looks matter so much
then? Would it bother you if someone were thin or heavyset? Or
whether or not they had buck teeth, or a balding head?

The things that we take for granted in life are the things that can
make us spiritually and physically lazy. As pagans it is our right to
take responsibility for our actions. It is our responsibility to set
a positive example for others to follow, if they so choose.
Walking the path of the Lord and Lady opens us up to many wonderful
experiences. And our gratitude for such privileges should be our life
No matter how many toys one accumulates in life it will be but a
speck of grain on the spiritual scales, compared to how you touch
other folk's lives.
To talk the talk is simply not enough. We must also walk the walk.
And our actions are our footprints in the sands of life.
Does society create us or do we create society?

The Magick of life is all about

The Magick of life is all about
Some folk's see it and some folks don't
It's always there, all about
Free to all without a doubt

Have you ever ridden on the back of a dragonfly?
Zipping here and then over there
First that realm, then this one
Astral projection at its best

Talk to a lone caterpillar on a twig
Shape shifter, metamorphous in motion
For life is constantly changing
That my friend is the magick of life

Have you ever swum with a school of salmon?
Maternal instincts strong
A rigid yet fluid determination
A balance of life and death

The magick of life is all about
The laughter of a small child
Laughing and chasing what?
Are you able to see as they do?

Have you ever joined in with a Bullfrog quartet?
Bellowing out their haunting blues
Pond life near, yet a world away
That is the magick of life

Have you ever talked to the wild flowers in the field?
Proud they rise, magnificent hues
Sweet fragrances scent the air
Communication of color and smell, can you sense it?

Have you ever talked philosophy with a black snake?
Fears and phobias, they know too well
Inhabiting the bowels of Mother Earth
The magick of life is all about

And so as your spirit takes up the human form
Eyes shut tight, senses wide open
Walk the mists with steady gait
And know that the magick of life is all about

The Oak Stump

Beyond the path an old Oak stump lays
Charred and brittle
Aged holes here and there
Upon its trunk the sunlight plays

As a tree the sights you have seen
Many tales of days gone past
Years upon years
And now you are worn and ever so lean

One a towering giant
An Elder amongst trees
A wise and keen sage
Oh to be so green and pliant

And now as death draws ever so near
Splintered and tired
Wore down and spent
What is this that I see so clear

A sapling has risen from the base of your root
Life taking form
An infant springing forth
The concept of death is really so moot

The seed from the tree
Life, death and rebirth
The cycle ever moving
Let our spirit be ever free

Isn't the New Year just like this?
We live and learn
We grow and we teach
And so we start anew with bliss

Out with the negative energy
We walk the walk
Pagan blood on fire
As we start with brand new synergy

And so to all I give my love
Past insults forgotten and forgiven
A chance at communication
I pledge my ways to She above

The presence of Deity.

Can you feel the presence of Deity?
Its all about us like a fleeting memory
A touch so tenuous that you feel it in your dreams
Seeking with your heart, listening with your soul

The presence of Deity is like the snapping of a twig in a far away woods
And a drop of rain as it falls into the ocean
It's the cry of a hawk far, far up in the sky
It is the sound of a small rock as it slides down a silent slope

The presence of Deity is the spider as it makes a silvery web
It is the sound of a feather as it falls through the sky
It is the dew as it forms in the morn
And the breath of an earthworm as it burrows in the sand

The presence of Deity is the moss as it grows on an old oak tree
And the swaying of a willow as it caresses a stream
It is the sound of a flower as it springs up from a seed
It is the footsteps of a mouse as it glides through the tall grass

The presence of Deity is a glistening snowflake lost in the night
And the movement of a wave far out at sea
It is the silence of the sun as it settles down for the evening
It is the rainbow connecting the skies with earth

The presence of Deity is a tiny turtle swimming across a still pond
And the whispers in the night as spirits roam about
It is the honey bee gathering nectar in a secluded glen
It is the innocence of a newborn child

Can you feel the presence of Deity?

The Silent Chorus

Hearken my, friend can you not hear it?
There is a deep dark silence across the land
Spiritual music once filled the air
A solemn music that is now devoid of sound

A land where fairies and elves and humans once played
Each singing their separate songs in a glorious chorus
A song so sweet and full of life
Each group of beings blending in a soft melody

A brilliant chorus of the joys of life
Where God and Goddess were loved as such
A song of acceptance and peace
Different beings, different notes, blended together in a melodious sound

The chorus has now gone silent
No longer is there unbiased acceptance
Peace is no longer the norm
Love for Deity is now splintered

Each group of voices competing to be heard
Discordant notes of hatred, and bias and discrimination
Solo voices where there once was a chorus
A rumble of noise where there once was a sweet melody

What happened to the beautiful song of the ages?
What turned the rose into a jumble of thorns?
What turned sweetness into bitterness?
What made us turn our backs on each other?

Is your group better then my group?
Deity will say to look into your heart
Is your beliefs superior to my beliefs?
Deity will say to look into your soul

Can't we sing our separate songs and still be a part of the chorus?
Can't all beings have their place in the song of life?
Must we all strive to out sing each other?
Can't we sing once again in harmony?

The chorus of life is a complicated piece
It requires the involvement of all
Each group of beings and ideals in equal harmony
But for now, there is a deep dark silence across the land