Poems Continued Page 3

I miss you son

Like a flash of lightning you were gone
Memories yet to be created
Moments of life left uncharted
Goddess calls you back to Her song

Ever so brief you touched my soul
Your silent cry
Your downy hair
Within my heart a giant hole

A life that was ever so brief
The years have passed
A couple of weeks in time
I do my best to hide my grief

I imagine you as a young child
The times we would have spent together
Good times and bad times
Out in the woods running wild

I imagine you as man-child all grown
Children of your own
Setting examples of life
You being as one with the mighty Rowan

But then I heed a greater need
My personal pain gives way to the greater love
For without death the cycle is incomplete
For of the Goddess we are all her seed

Though I miss you deeply my son
Deeper wisdom lifts my spirit
A sense of joy touches my heart
For with our Sacred Mother you are one

Just a Normal Day

One recent day a witch took a walk through the woods at the end of
the lane
Upon entering the woods, a Butterfly appeared and flew along the path
Immediately, thoughts of color associations began to rise
How color was a major part of the scenery all about and the magick it

As this witch continued along a bird began to sing in the branches
And thoughts of the ancient roots of music took hold
Musings of how much music affects us all regardless of which path we
And regardless of where we may reside in the world

Further along the path some Joe Pye weed was spotted
And instantly the thoughts turned to making a beautiful pink dye
Wonderings of all of the many dyes that one could make
And the joy that such a craft would bring

Beside the path some Indian pipe was growing
And images of healers from years gone by started to appear
And their contributions to health
And the ways of their ancient wisdom

Out amongst the trees was some sassafras
Oh what a pleasant tea
Surrounded all about by herbs and plants
Many of which would make a fine meal

Where the path became narrow a huge silvery spider web
And momma spider at rest in the corner
Thoughts of the threads of life
And the many mysteries each strand of thread contains

Suddenly a deer timidly steps out upon the path
And the witch starts thinking of spiritual awareness
And being alert and in touch with ones surroundings
And yet being timid and at peace with life, as this deer was

And then some squirrels were seen rummaging through the leaves
Gathering acorns for the winter ahead
A display of community
A serene sense of working together

And last but not least this witch happened upon a wooly bug
It's black and orange rings woven in symmetry
To this wily witch a walking weather forecast
Warm or cold, what shall it be in the months ahead?

As this witch left the woods
A passing neighbor asked; how is your day going?
And the witch responded, just a normal day my friend
Just a normal day…

Life or Dream

One day I awoke or so I thought
Is life a dream or is a dream really life
Or do we travel to and fro
A lesson here and a lesson there

Swirling from realm to realm
One moment in time
A lifetime has past
Or is life just a passing dream

Shall it be that we will ever know?
For a step into death is to continue along the road
Can it be that passing, is like a childhood lost?
A step forward, no turning back

Are we infants in the grasp of time?
Growing pains, fear of the unknown
As we mature the fear is past
Will the next realm be more secure?

Our spirits but babes in the womb of the Mother
Simply brats being molded within the chaos
Human adults naught but the seed of life
Spirit struggling to break free of the sac

Or are we the dreams of spirit
Experiences of ages long past
Lessons faintly remembered
A moment in time all but forgotten

Or can it be that we are the realm of the dead
Where spirit comes to assess the past
Departing when a lesson is ready
Is life but a dream, or is a dream really life?

My Brother

Though we walked a different path
One a Christian, one a Witch
We were brothers thick and thin
Never did we engage in wrath

We walked the road through war and peace
We laughed and we cried
We argued and we agreed
Never did I think it would suddenly cease

My brother so full of hidden pain
He would smile at the world about
Never letting on his secret thought
And now I hide my tears in the rain

My brother was so full of silent grief
His last words to me were I love you brother
And thinking naught I said back at you Bro
If only I knew your life would be so brief

Your silent pain I would have gladly shared
For family we are and shall always be
For true friends are for life
If only a word your life be spared

And now I am the keeper of memories of years
Alas the Goddess awaits you my old friend
As your spirit soars through the sky
I will continue on with no fears

For life is as it should be
Though a bad choice you did make
The sadness, oh my brother, the sadness
But I will think of you as I look upon the sea

For one day we shall be as hawks
Soaring with the wind at our backs
High above the deep blue sky
It is then that we shall talk

Until that day may you rest in peace
Side by side with our Mother above
Her loving arms about you my friend
For with this poem I gain my release.

Night Spirit

Spirit of the night walking in the moonlight
A stir of leaves. a gentle breeze
The Elvin guard, gives off a sneeze
Spirit of the night walking in the moonlight

Ancient memories, ancient sighs
And through it all are human lies

Spirit of the night walking in the moonlight
Humans will come, and humans will go
O Mother Earth just what do we sow
Spirit of the night walking in the moonlight

Pain and suffering and threats of war
O Great Goddess can we handle any more

Spirit of the night walking in the moonlight
Witches gather, a mystic chant
Tonight we heal, that we grant
Spirit of the night walking in the moonlight

Nighttime spirit has seen it all
If only man could heed the call

Yew tree roots ever so deep
Put the hate forever to sleep
Yew tree roots ever so deep
Put the hate forever to sleep

Spirit of the night walking in the moonlight
Nighttime spirit stops to rest
Spirit of the night walking in the moonlight
Nighttime spirit has done its best

Another Ode to Samhain

Samhain time near at dusk
Love and pain
Sorrow and joy
Humans gather in fits of lust

From this tryst shall come a birth
Realm to realm
Death to Life
Another spirit is tied to earth

Spirits of the night watch and wait
Witches gather in secret glades
Magick in the air so thick and sweet
Pass the realm, open the gate

Goblins and trolls all about
Darkness and shadow
Screams at night
Fear takes hold, give a shout

Jack Lantern near at hand
Sound of wings
The screech of owls
Spirits walking about the land

Samhain is a time of solemn rest
Ghosts and Faeries
Things that go bump
Psychic senses put to the test

So enjoy this night of spiritual array
Relatives near and far
Divination at its best
For three days hence it goes away

Plea to the Goddess

Forgive us Goddess, for we have screwed up.

You give us the green fields and forests
A virtual panorama of flowers and bright colors
We give you strip malls
And paved roads marring your beauty

Forgive us Goddess, for we heed not

You give us pure and sweet tasting air
A deep blissful breath of your essence
And we give you smoke stacks
And politicians who don't care

Forgive us Goddess, for we know not

You give us pure and glistening waters
Water so clear, frothing with joyful bubbles
We give you polluted streams and oceans
Oil slicks, corporate greed

Forgive us Goddess, for we are near sighted

You give us the animals, and birds and fish
A cacophony of life, vibrant and alive
We give you extinct and endangered species
We give you our murderous forays against the life that you created

Forgive us Goddess, for we care not

You give us the ability to love and to show compassion
The opportunity to revel in your radiant beauty
We give you hatred and wars
Road rage and ignorance towards others

Forgive us Goddess for we are so rude

You give us Mother Earth
A true gift in all Her splendor
We give you global warming
And a total disregard for such a special gift

Forgive us Goddess, for we are hypocrites

You give us the chance to grow spiritually
A path to follow to your blessed bosom
We give you egotism and community upheaval within our beliefs
We give you empty talk and shallow lives

Forgive us Goddess, for we are arrogant

You give us the knowledge of life
A connection to all life in this realm
And we give you atomic bombs
The ability to wipe out all that is dear to you Mother

And since every detractor has their excuse;
Ours is that we are simply human
We are simply human

Forgive us dear Goddess
Forgive us.