Poems Continued Page 2


If I cannot see you are you real?
Spirit within
Essence of life
What is it that I feel?

Fairies dancing on the edge of the moonlit night
A feeling of magick
A whisper of sound
Why am I without sight?

Dryads grinning from ear to ear
Secret knowledge
Wisdom so deep
What is it that I fear?

Sylphs gliding across the lea
Laughter borne in the wind
Hands reaching out
But I cannot see

Powerful spells at my finger tips
Yet no belief to guide them
Energy left idle
No words shall pass my lips

A world without belief
Walking blindly down the trail
Ignorant of life all about
Will I ever find relief?

Bearing the human curse
A world devoid of our Mother
Denial and eyes shut tight
What could possibly be worse?

Dear Goddess,

You sent my spirit to this realm to learn lessons
And yet the students of this realm masquerade as the masters
Why is this dear Mother?
Could this be one of our life lessons?

You gave us voices by which to speak
But instead of singing your praises
We use our voices to promote our own agendas
Could this be one of our life lessons?

Sacred Mother, you gave us a heart to love you with
But instead our hearts are used to foster hate
We seek to destroy all that is around us
Is this one of our life lessons?

You gave us a conscious in order to understand you
And yet we hide this gift in the shadows
Instead we relish violence in our daily lives
Is this a life lesson Mother?

You gave us eyes to see your everlasting beauty
And yet we walk through this life with eyes shut tight
For if we were to see, we would not accept this world that we have
Dear Goddess, is this a life lesson?

Mother, you enclosed our spirits within a human body
And yet we constantly assault these bodies
Both by spoken word and physical deed
Could this also be a life lesson?

Radiant Goddess, could it be that we are an example for other realms
A sad, sad, visual of how not to be
For as a species we are flunking the lessons of life
Or could this also be a life lesson?

Sacred Mother, out of despair and sadness raises hope
While many may walk in darkness, there are those who want to see
From death and violence is a yearning for life and love
Oh dear Mother, could this really be the lesson of life?

Dragon Song

Dragon song so sweet and clear
Listen closely and have no fear
Ancient words and ancient line
Take a journey back in time

Golden wings and eyes so blue
Dragon song can be so true
Memories come and memories flow
Sing the soft words ever so slow

Scales so golden in the sun
Songs of armies on the run
Words so old that I could sigh
Soaring, soaring ever so high

Dragon song so sweet and clear
As I cast a single tear
While you sing of history
An ancient song of mystery

Alas your song comes to an end
Life in general is on the mend
Dragon song so sweet and clear
You have drawn me ever so near

Fear of Death

Spirits gather in the soft glow of the moon
Listen as our Sacred Mother silently whispers
Words of wisdom
Flowing by like a warm summer breeze

Go forth my children from the void
Take a short sojourn into the dark
The Great Mysteries await you
Experience a brief spurt of growth

Death is the portal by which spirit leaves the chaos
Birth, Life Death, Rebirth
A brief journey of lessons
And death is the portal by which spirit re-enters the chaos

A spirit steps forth and a child is born
Fearless and pure
Clear in conscious
A slate waiting to be written upon

Like a newly grown flower
Connecting with Mother Earth
Stretching up to Father Sun
Beautiful and fragrant

But then the petals begin to wilt
Humans have poisoned the wellspring of life
Fears have been sown
Man seeks to take control

Fears of dying are expressed
Yet Deity awaits our return
From the first breath we embark upon this journey
Fears are spread and yet spirit never dies

This realm is but one step on the path
Yet man creates nightmares
Seeing terrible and frightening shadows in the darkness
Unaware that man is in fact the shadow he sees

For within the darkness is a brilliant glow
Deity shining with a radiant love
And like moths in the night
Spirit is ever drawn to that sacred light

Greeting the Sun

As I wake up with the morning sun
I feel the love of the gods above
And so I extend my hands across the seas
As I wonder are these folks happy and free

The same morning sun we all share
We have but to feel the warmth of joy
Are they black or white or yellow or red
Such narrow thoughts fill me with dread

For such difference are not of life
They are concepts that need no thought
For my friend we are all sister or brother
We all come from the same Great Mother

The wind that gently blows through my hair
Will in time touch your own face
Lies and hatred are self taught
And with such lessons our lives are naught

I step into the ocean and feel the power
The wave created shall touch your shore
Though you know me not, you are in my dream
For the waters of life are but a gentle stream

The bird that cries out from aloft
Shall one day sing a tune in your backyard
I know you not my faceless friend
But with these words start a peaceful trend

Forever shall you be in my heart
For I love you my fellow traveler
When the winds of war are over and done
We shall indeed be united as one!


As I walk through the mists of life
Fleeting glimpse of times long past
Ancient memories flashing by
Touching my soul as with a knife

They speak to me as in a gentle rain
Lessons of ages of long ago
Repeated again and again and again
Oh why do I feel such horrible pain?

I am but a witch walking the path
Seeking out the Great mysteries
Searching out my way in life
In a world so full of anger and wrath

Have I taken a wrong turn in this realm?
Seeking calm in the winds of rage
Mistakes will be made, answers will be sought
My soul I trust is at the helm

History is like a ship that is lost
Tossed to and fro through the same waters
Storms are experienced from familiar winds
We seek a safe harbor but at what cost?

Constantly our lives seek out the lightning and thunder
History is but lessons rehashed
A failure to learn, a refusal to see
Will this blindness cast our spirits asunder?

Or will we finally find the calm winds we seek
Living for the present, our values now set
History no more, for lessons are learned
Each new day not so bleak

We seek our solace in a protected cove
Hate and fear, memories forgotten
Our history is now, as we seek Her love
Our spirits as one in a community grove


Rage and hatred, are these the trademarks of man
Egos flaring, self righteousness reigns
This one better then that one
What ever happened to the melodious song of Pan

Humans lay claim to a spiritual being
Masters all, students none
Answers unheard, lessons ignored
Turn around, the Gods are reeling

What happened to following the path with an open heart?
Dogma and rules, all self imposed
Children of the Goddess where have you gone
They were here once, at the very start

What creatures have we become in this dark age
Power and destruction at all costs
No one wrong, everyone right
Our hearts and minds locked up in a cage

Harsh words cast with glee
Oh dear Mother I sense your shame
Your unruly children out of control
What will it take to be truly free

Actions speak louder then empty words
Impress one not, just do the deed
Be not false, hold to the truth
Like a flock of circling birds

Self righteous fools are simply that
Making noise but saying nothing
The spiritual way wending before them
Walking through life, blind as a bat

If we are to make the Gods truly proud
Listening to the words of life
Talking little but learning much
Stepping away from the arrogant crowd

As individuals we can find the light
Being as one with the higher power
No need to be lost in the crowd
Crying to be heard, but lost in the night