Perceptions of life/Thoughts of a witch

On this silent morning I find myself wandering the twisted trails of an ancient forest. A timeless trek wrapped around a worn mountain which has been an ageless witness to many such seekers lost in the maize of this realm. As a witch I find myself walking through this life with bittersweet feelings. My compassion for those who walk beside me on this journey knows no bounds. And yet my life is like the early morning mists rising from the floor of the valley below. Tangible and yet fleeting as the fingers of fog writhe their nebulous way towards the awaiting sky. For each of us, wanders about with questions of reality in our minds and a fear of the unknown in our hearts. The difference is in how we project these questions and personal fears to others of our kind. For some, the way to communicate such thoughts is by way of an organized religion. This approach provides a sense of security in walking amongst others who question not, though the mysteries are just outside the door to our souls. But is not such a false sense of security misleading? Will the shadows go away simply by lighting a candle for such folks to hover around? Or do they just recede beyond our sphere of understanding, waiting the moment when the flame goes out and we find ourselves once again, completely immersed in the grips of the darkness that lies all about.                                                                                                                             Alas such are the meandering thoughts of an old witch as I take a moments respite atop a moss covered boulder. This gray streaked sentinel stands out as a time worn monument to the tenets of patience. A trait so rarely found in its purest form amongst members of my own species. For we take not the time to observe the lessons that abound all about. And even when we peripherally notice such lessons, we don’t utilize the patience to allow comprehension to wend its way into our consciousness.                                
Rather we consistently offer answers to questions we barely understand about ourselves. And thus we miss the subtleties that may lead to deeper and more realistic answers as they pertain to our spirituality. As a result of this impatient approach to the Great Mysteries we are like the many points of light scattered about the midnight sky. Each one of us offering a tiny piece of the puzzle and yet never quite able to come together in a complete answer to this quest that we call life. For we are each separated by the tenuous void, that defines our various beliefs. And yet unlike the starry night which is predisposed in its formation, the inability of our species to come together as a brighter flame of comprehension is of our own doing. And since each action has a reaction it will undoubtedly be our undoing.                This is why, as a witch I tend to walk along the edge of dawn, never fully able, to reach out to others in the full day of light. For the reality of that light of those who follow a different path is but the spark of a candle. And to reveal my beliefs to such folks is to extend the darkness of fear and misunderstandings. Thus rather than two or more sparks in the night coming together to light the path of life more brightly, it casts such lessons further into the darkness.
Why is this the way of our species I wonder?                                   
And so we live our lives in the throes of chaos and ignorance, even though the keys to the door of spiritual realization, lies just out of our reach. Each religious and spiritual path finds itself meandering along the precipice of spiritual growth. But is any one path capable of reaching the top of the spiritual mountain of life on its own? Would it not make more sense to extend a helping hand to each other as we make the perilous journey through an uncharted journey filled with hidden obstacles? Will we ever find the inner sense of security to know that we are each different in our individual beliefs and yet we are in essence united in our quest for the final goal, that of spiritual attainment in whatever form we subscribe to according to our particular beliefs?  Is it really comprehensible to claw at those above us and to kick at those below us, as we posture for validation of our various beliefs? There are those of course who will deny that such a state of contention exists between various beliefs, citing their own posture towards others, but such a denial contributes naught to the reality of our species. And thus contributes little to the resolution of the truth that bonds us all together, even if it is a truth left best alone.                                                                                                                                              And so I walk this life in a quandary of emotions and desires. I accept that there are those who acknowledge their love for the sacred father and yet deny the very existence of the sacred mother. Their denial is not a judgment for me to ponder, for we are all individuals and thus entitled to our spark of light in the sky. But as I am willing to accept their right to believe as they will, why is such acceptance to believe as I do in witchcraft, denied in turn? Are we not all on the same spiritual path though we may choose a different route up the mountain of spiritual comprehension?                    And though my personal desires would enable us all to walk together in the full light of day, the reality of our species leads me to a clear understanding. And that understanding is that there will always be a void between us that keeps some of us hovering around the light of a candle that is but a facsimile of what could be a greater illumination of spiritual growth. While there will be others who will walk the precipice between the spark of the candlelight and that of the shadows. Slipping into the shadows to acknowledge and engage in their beliefs and then returning to their place along the edge of those gathered around the candlelight. Just like the stars in the sky, each one separated by their void of ignorance and mistrust.