Mother Crystal

Many of us, pagans and others have used crystals in our energy work. And as such we are aware that our crystals can only put out so much energy before they become depleted and have to be recharged. The same goes for those crystals which are used to soak up negative energy.
Once they are completely saturated they have to be re-charged. If they are not recharged they become overloaded and unable to serve any useful function.
With these thoughts in mind, have you ever considered that Mother Earth is for all intents and purposes the Mother Crystal?
I say this because all of the crystals on earth are in essence a part of Her being. And if one were to agree with this line of thought, wouldn’t it make sense that at some point in time Mother Earth would either become depleted or become so saturated from all of the negative energy that the human race emits, that She would have to be re-charged in order to continue to function in a useful way?
What happens in this instance?
What happens if she becomes over saturated and yet is not allowed to become re-charged?
Is it possible that with the human race so at each others throats over race, color, ethnicity, religious beliefs or just plain greed and the desire for power over others that the Mother Crystal has reached a point of complete saturation from all of the negative energy that has been emitted?
With hundreds of thousands of folks around the world, incarcerated for their negative acts and hundreds of thousands more committing negative acts but who have not been caught up with as yet. And with millions of folks involved in one petty war or another, is it possible that we are over saturating our Mother Crystal with more negative energy then she can dispel?
We could hope that the Christians, who are the largest religion on earth, would take notice and perhaps work towards cutting down on some of the negative energy. But such a desire would be in vain. For by their very own admission, they are above nature and thus have very little concern for such problems. The Muslims and the Jewish folks don’t see this as a very high priority within their belief systems either.
Would the leaders of these three religions make such an urgent appeal to their tens of millions of followers, Mother Earth would be able to take a deep soothing breathe and be able to recharge just fine.
Perhaps if she was allowed to re-charge there would be so much positive energy that the attitudes of the human race would be altered towards each other completely.
However within the realm of human reality this of course will never be allowed to happen. Humans love drama and misery far too much.
So what is the next best alternative? Do we just allow her to implode like a crystal that has been severely overused and neglected?
As pagans we profess to be stewards of Mother Earth. And as such we have a responsibility to tend to her needs. And yet many neo pagans only do so in a very superficial way. By this observation I mean that many folks who call themselves pagan will extend a few toes onto the path but devote most of their time and energy engaged in acquiring as many creature comforts as possible. These acquisitions are often at the expense of Mother Earth whom they claim to have a deep concern for. I personally believe that this hypocrisy leads to a laziness of both the mind and spirit, but it is what it is. Unfortunately many neo pagans are former members of one of the top three religions, generally of the Christian path who in all reality still cling to their former beliefs while claiming to be pagans.
And so one has to wonder just a bit about the legitimacy of ones claims to be a steward of Mother Earth. Talk is something that humans are very good at, its actual action where we seem to fall short. You have doubts?
Just look at the condition of the Mother Crystal these days with her forests all but pillaged, her waters fouled and her air barely breathable, all courtesy of the human race.
At any rate how do we allow her to recharge albeit in little steps at a time.
This is just a suggestion, but perhaps if we actually try and live our lives as pagans we could give the Mother Crystal a badly needed break.
Since the pursuit of excessive creature comforts is a human fact of life, regardless of how much damage it causes, perhaps we could try and turn this frenzy into a more positive approach in regards to the Mother Crystal. Perhaps instead of erecting wood or steel fences everywhere, we could plant trees and bushes instead.
Perhaps when purchasing a house, one could seek out a house with one or two “less” rooms, thus cutting down on the damage done to create those extra rooms.
Perhaps instead of driving the car up to the mail box or the store which is just up the road, one would consider walking instead.
Perhaps instead of talking about it or making superficial “feel good” attempts, humans in general and pagans (all pagans, including the weekenders) in particular, could make recycling a major goal in their lives and thus turn it into a prime industry.
For without some monetary motivation, human interest just seems to lag.
There are of course the usual suggestions such as planting trees, cleaning up streams, putting up bird houses and so forth, but in all reality the folks involved in such projects are a very small minority of the human race.
When compared to the ravenous damage caused by humans in their quest for every possible creature comfort man can create, such environmental actions hardly make a ripple in regards to our Mother Crystal.
And so maybe pagans should consider educating the masses in an effort to slow down the damage, perhaps by setting a real example and not just a superficial façade.
Of course there are some folks and groups who attempt to do just that. And it is a pretty daunting task at best, but then what are the alternatives?
I realize that pagans are not altruistic in that we add a great deal of negative energy to the Mother Crystal ourselves. And so one has to ask, at just which point does “BS” walk and action talk.
Or to put this in yet another way, when will be true to ourselves and actually start living up to our responsibilities as pagans, en masse. Our Mother Crystal is in dire need and can’t be patient forever…