There is an old adage that history repeats itself, over and over.
Have you ever wondered why?
In general pagan folks believe that we come into this realm to learn lessons of the spirit. As we learn these lessons, we move on to another life, where we continue the learning process. The general goal is to graduate through the lessons of each lifetime in order to become as one with Deity (in whatever form you accept Deity as in your own heart).
And yet if we look at the course of humanity as a whole, in all reality, very little has changed.
We have been a violent species since the beginning of our time. And we are the only species on Mother Earth that is dangerous not only to our kind, but to every other living species on Mother Earth including Gaia herself.
About the only thing that has changed from the dawn of time up to now, is that we have become more adept at violence. At one time we were only able to harm and/or kill by way of one individual to another. And now we have the ability to end every life form on the planet with the push of a button. What a sad legacy that the human race has developed.
But what draws my attention is, why?
Could it be that in general, the same spirits keep coming back each generation or so that was here before? Could it be that our spirits keep reincarnating and yet are just not "getting it". And so the same bullies and class clowns who failed before just keep coming back with each new generation? This is not to say that everyone falls into this description, but as we all know, it takes only one clown or one bully to disrupt the whole class so to speak.
And if this is the case, what is our responsibility in regards to this ongoing situation. For surely there must be some who have actually found the answers to their particular life lessons and thus who have moved on to another set of lessons within this realm.
Does our responsibilities apply only to our own individual selves or does it extend to the community we know as society?
Is it one of our individual life lessons to reach out and help those who may be failing the lessons of life?
And if so how do we go about such an endeavor in a meaningful way?
In short how do we keep history from constantly repeating the same old mistakes over and over again?
Do we as a species even have the willpower to enact such a change in behavior and attitude within ourselves?
Looking at the pagan community, there are many who would like to see us, "finally get it" as a species. But like every other religious/spiritual belief on earth our community is rife with over- blown egos, attempts at elitism and all the other pathetic markers of a people who don't really understand the spiritual lessons of
life. But who are too insecure to admit this to themselves.
The upside of this is that like all other religious/spiritual beliefs there are some who have actually graduated from such narrow parameters of the mind and spirit. For in everything there is polarity, though not always in equal amounts.
And so I have to wonder, is spiritual growth confined to each individual or is it a group setting where each helps the other? And if this is the case should we divide ourselves into our own separate comfort zones, Pagans, Christians, Muslims, Jewish, Buddhists and so on? Or should we reach across the chasm of each others divergent beliefs and try to find a common ground where we as a people can start setting a higher standard for our species.
Could this kind of goal be one of our Greater Mysteries as a people?
Is it within our capabilities to realize such a goal? Do we as a species even care or have we reached a state of apathy that is just too far gone to reverse?
As a simple witch, it is very difficult not to feel the overwhelming pain of this world that we live in. It is in the very air that we breathe. And yet there is certain sadness in the knowledge that this pain of humanity and thus all that is affected by humanity is in fact self-inflicted.
We pride ourselves on being the highest form of life on this planet and yet we have shirked our responsibilities to all of life in such a horrible way. We have allowed the lessons of ego to proceed unchecked. And though this is but a basic lesson of life, for many of us it has been the most difficult lesson to assimilate.
So I ask in closing, do we have the Inner strength to live up to the high perception that we have of ourselves as a species or are we just being delusional? Can we actually make a difference or are we doomed to be a victim of our own follies and false perceptions?
Well, which is it?
And more importantly, what if anything are you going to do about it?