Father Oak Ritual

A Mind Meditation

The purpose of this ritual is to connect with the Dryad contained within the Oak tree. The Oak tree is known as the tree of Wisdom. And within every tree on Mother Earth there is a spirit that connects with and protects the particular tree that they inhabit. We know these spirits as Dryads.

To begin, find a place of solitude next to an Oak tree. Seat yourself next to the Oak tree and place your hands on either side of the tree. Clear your mind of all thoughts and allow yourself to travel to that quiet place within your minds eye. That place we know as the Third Eye Chakra.

Visualize yourself as an acorn hanging from the limb of a towering Oak tree. This acorn represents your spirit prior to entering the physical realm. Feel the warmth in the breath of the Goddess as she breathes a gentle breeze through the leaves of the father Oak Tree. Feel the essence of your spirit as you prepare to enter the physical realm in order to begin your lessons of life.

Suddenly the acorn breaks free from the branch and spirals down towards Mother Earth. As you soar down to the awaiting ground, feel all of your energies gathering together within the acorn. These energies are the life force that will carry you through the physical realm. As you alight upon the ground, feel the love and tenderness of Mother Earth as she pulls you down into the safety her womb. You are about to make the transition from spirit to physical realm. Have confidence in Spirit for the experience that is about to unfold. Know that this is a necessary step for inner growth. Welcome this opportunity with a quiet sense of honor and respect.

Next visualize yourself as a young sapling breaking free of the womb.

This is your infant stage, your first awakening in the physical realm  of this life. Feel the warm rays of Father Sun as they shine down upon you, giving you the strength to grow.

Feel the soft touch of Mother Moon as she caresses you with her soft, silvery rays.  Soak up the drops of crystal clear dew that give you sustenance. Know in your heart that you are now ready to begin your life lessons. Know that the God and Goddess are with you as you reach for the skies above. Prepare to venture forth into life, with an open heart and pureness of love. At this point there are no preconceptions, only an eagerness to learn.

Now visualize yourself as a young oak tree with your roots firmly planted in the reaches of Mother Earth. This is your youth stage.

Listen to the song of the birds as they flit about your limbs. For their songs will convey a hidden message to you. Watch the squirrels at play and learn the value of family and interaction with others.

Observe sister deer as she walks with gentle alertness through the woods. Smile at brother bear as he lumbers along with strength and purpose. Give heed to Hawk as he shrieks his joy of freedom and love of life. Give silent thanks for these lessons.

At this point you are being given the first steps towards knowledge and wisdom. Proceed with an open mind and a willingness to make and learn from your mistakes. Stride forth with confidence and strength of your will.

Visualize yourself as a solid oak tree. This is your adult stage.

Your roots now run deep within the folds of Mother Earth. Your limbs stretch up to Father Sun. You now provide security and strength to those around you. You provide a secure roost for the birds of the sky. You have ventured forth through this realm and have gained knowledge from your life experiences. You are prepared to set a firm example for those that follow. The learning continues but you now have a foundation of wisdom to offer to others. You are a towering example of truth, honesty, and inner strength. As you continue to walk this realm you do so with a humble sense of purpose.

Finally visualize yourself as an old oak tree covered with moss. This is your elder stage.

Look out upon your ancient limbs and see the acorns dangling from their stems. You are one with spirit. You have ventured through the stages of the physical realm. You have encountered mistakes as you walked this realm. And you have opened your heart and mind and learned the inherent lessons that these experiences offered. You have gained the knowledge and wisdom that will start you out on the next step of your spiritual growth.

You give thanks to Spirit for the many trials and tribulations that have brought you to this stage. It has been a long path to follow, yet you realize that it is but one step on the road to becoming one with Akasha. You feel the blessings that have been offered and accepted.And then you look out upon your old and twisted limbs and watch as an acorn breaks free and spirals to the waiting womb of Mother Earth.

Now that you have experienced the stage of life that Father Oak has offered to you, once again clear your minds eye. Allow this space in your Third eye to become as silent as a silent pond. Send out a polite request to the Dryad inhabiting this oak tree to send you a message. Allow this message to form of its own free will upon your pond. If you have learned the lessons of the oak tree and you have been respectful to the protective Dryad, a gift of knowledge will be given to you. This may be in the form of pictures or silent words. Once you have received this gift, very slowly return to the physical realm from whence you have started your journey. Remove your hands from the oak tree and give your heartfelt thanks.

Look around you, is there an acorn lying near by? If so plant this acorn within the womb of Mother Nature. By doing so, you have given thanks for the gifts you have received. And you have started the next cycle of life in this realm.

Go in peace and share your gifts with those who are ready to acceptthem. Walk this path with a humble sense of responsibility. Continue your inner growth regardless of how difficult the life lesson may seem to be. And most of all, give thanks each day for the many blessings that you are given, though they may not always be in plain sight. The love that deity gives to us is never further than our hearts.