A Mind Meditation

A Breath of Air

Assume a comfortable position and Ground and Center. Draw yourself slowly into your Third Eye. Feel the calm as your mind becomes as no-mind.
Visualize yourself becoming lighter, very light as your body dissolves into minute particles of life.
Visualize these particles becoming as light as air. You are now this air.

Suddenly you feel yourself being drawn up into the lungs of a living being. You feel yourself coursing into the lungs, giving the gift of life. Reaching deep into the lungs, soothing and clean air.
Next you are gently exhaled, taking the old out into the void. You feel at peace.

As you move into the void, visualize yourself flowing towards a meadow filled with colorful flowers. The aroma is sweet and inviting.
Father Sun is warming your path as you glide along. As you flow through this meadow, little song birds join in chorus. You feel a deep sense of relaxation.

Just beyond the meadow are some woods. You are a warm gentle breeze.
Turning and twisting as you gently touch each tree in your path. You smile as tiny insects glide along your back.

With the warm rays of the sun you find yourself rising ever higher in the sky as you near the seashore. You find yourself in duets with the seagulls that are swirling delightfully within your folds. The surface of the water below shimmers as you delicately tickle it in your passing. You race with glee towards the expansive ocean.

Visualize yourself becoming a mighty breath of air as you proceed over the ocean surface. Feel the power grow within your being as you raise whitecaps from the ocean waves.

Suddenly the skies open up and rain and lightning accentuate your passage. You become larger and faster until you are a hurricane. Feel the massive power that you have become. Let every fiber of your being become as one with the power. Feel yourself coursing along, a fiery wind caught between sky
and ocean.

Next visualize yourself slowing down to a steady blowing wind. You are moving along at a sturdy brace.

Now visualize yourself entering the frigid reaches of the far North.
You are now a cold and biting wind. Feel yourself moving along the tundra, racing by the caribou and bears as they prepare for winter.
You gently caress the heads of seals and penguins who love your frigid passing. Marking the beginning of a season they enjoy themost. There is love in your heart as you pass the icy slopes of this region.
As you move along across the endless expanse of snow and ice, you once again feel yourself rising to the waiting sky above.
As you do, from out of the clouds the crests of mountains appear. You gleefully swirl around the peaks with exhilarating excitement. You are at the top of the world and you savior the solitude. You are the spirit of
wind and you are as one with creation. Feel every fiber of your being as being alive and free.
You are then flowing down the side of the mountain, exploring each
valley and rocky outcrop as you do. You mark your passage with the ruffling of the sparse mountain grass.

Visualize yourself flowing along as you encounter the dry terrain of the blistering desert. As you jog across the desert floor, particles of sand take heed and you become a massive sand storm. You race along
ever so forbidding. But then the intense heat slows you down and the storm becomes nothing more then the arid tundra's across which the lizards and snakes scamper. You move along as a hot gust of wind.
You are once again a slow moving breeze flowing across the prairie.
Suddenly you find yourself twirling around and around. As you perform this circular dance you visualize yourself turning into a tornado.
You feel yourself twisting and turning, churning the ground back to whence you came. Cries of laughter as you give in to the violent dance of the wind.
But then the laughter fades away and you become once more a warm gentle breeze. You become as one with yourself engaged in the embrace of peace and tranquility.
Your warm gentle breeze becomes still and once more is inhaled into the lungs.
The lungs that you have just entered are your own. Slowly exhale and return to the present.
Go in peace.